KBDi encourages you to promote your membership (and your commitment to the industry) in all of your marketing endeavours; the KBDi Member logo may be downloaded here, and should be used only in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. The logo may be used in the email signature of the individual who holds current KBDi membership.
  2. The logo may be used on a website where the individual is acting as a sole trader.
  3. The logo may be used on the website of a business enterprise, where not operating as a sole trader, providing the current individual member(s) engaged by that enterprise is/are recognised.
  4. The logo may not be used if KBDi membership lapses or is dropped.

To download, click the link below to open the file in a new window. Then right click the image and ‘Save image as’.

Note: If you require the logo in a different format, please don’t hesitate to contact Selina at marketing@kbdi.org.au.

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