Kitchen appliances with intelligent style are ‘IN.’

Kitchen appliances with intelligent style are ‘IN.’

Passionate cooks can now prepare meals much quicker, easier and with more convenience thanks to Schweigen IN., an inspiring, innovative and intelligent complete new kitchen range.

Schweigen, one of Australia’s leading kitchen appliance brands, has launched a new complete kitchen offering, Schweigen IN. The range includes a freestanding upright cooker with a full-width double oven, as well as additional built-in ovens, cooktops and rangehoods.

Managing Director of Schweigen, Anthony Fletcher, said the company has spent years working with its European designers and manufacturing facilities to develop this premium range.‘We are market leaders in rangehoods, but we are eager to provide a more complete kitchenappliance offering to Australian households. We want to create a new kitchen range that is truly inspiring, innovative and intelligent, with a finish unlike anyone has seen before. Each product from the range features design details we call ‘intelligent style’,’ he said.

‘Our products show our commitment to environmental manufacturing processes with lower energy consumption, less waste and smarter use of resources, recycling and safe disposal,’ Mr Fletcher said.

The induction cooktops feature three precise pre-set cooking programmes for effortless temperature adjustment, and a timer to set cooking time for each individual cooktop zone. The Schweigen IN. ovens include a touchscreen and an integrated cookbook. They feature an i-cool oven door with a soft open and soft close door system, as well as 100 per cent extendable telescopic runners.

The Schweigen IN. European rangehoods use a German-engineered external motor system with advanced energy efficient technology for silent operation. The freestanding cooker is uniquely configured with two full width ovens, both with a soft opening and closing hinge system. It features twin fans in both ovens to provide even heat distribution for perfect end results.

‘The quality of the upright cooker is incredible. This is the sort of kitchen appliance avid cooks will dream about owning, because it is classic Italian style combined with manufacturing quality in every detail,’ said Mr Fletcher.

‘Everything was created with the consumer top of mind. It’s the thoughtful design details in a cooking appliance that make it a joy to use and a pleasure to look at. Our European designers and manufacturing facilities allow us to provide appliances that represent quality and outstanding value to Australian homes,’ he said.

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Minosa and RadioLAB shine new light on rendering

Minosa and RadioLAB shine new light on rendering

A small group of super-savvy designers were awe-struck in the Minosa studio last month, when designer Darren Genner shared his impressive knowledge of RadioLAB in a special introductory training session for PYTHA users.

The Minosa team are renowned for their outstanding rendered productions, and as winners of the International RadioLAB competition over a decade ago, they sure know their way around the PYTHA suite of software and the module that ‘ups the ante’ on professional presentations.

What is RadioLAB?

The PYTHA RadioLAB module allows the user to add an extraordinary level of detail to any presentation. RadioLAB’s most popular features include (but aren’t limited to):


Direct, indirect and adaptive light and shadow calculations, along with real time mirrors and transparency, allow an incredible level of depth to be added to architectural and interior design renderings, retail display and product presentations.

A variety of light-source options adds a whole new level of realism, too, with daylight modelling (season, time, position, cloud intensity), spot lighting, surface and volume lighting ensuring an accurate model is presented.

The properties of the light can be manipulated as well, with the user able to control colour (interactive, real time), light intensity (lumen), radiation direction and more. A dimming effect even allows interactive control, ensuring that your clients fully understand the range of ‘moods’ your lighting design will accommodate.

Textures and Materials

Drag and drop features allow fast and intuitive rendering, with textures easily zoomed, stretched, moved and rotated to fit their substrate. Billboards, artworks, murals and mirrors can be applied, and glass shading and water shading add even further detail to the photo-realistic images.

Different Points of View

With RadioLAB, the observer’s viewpoint within a room is simulated by a virtual camera which is manned by the user’s mouse. Precise camera settings can be set, and multiple cameras can be installed in a scene to create a truly immersive effect.

Shopfitters, trade fair designers, interior designers, architects and lighting designers are just some of the professionals ‘seeing the light’ with PYTHA’S RadioLab. If you’re keen to add it to your suite, or learn more about how to improve your RadioLAB skills, contact Pytha Partners today.

Practical and clever cabinet solutions from Blum

Practical and clever cabinet solutions from Blum

Blum’s practical and sophisticated cabinet solutions can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your customer and make optimal use of the storage space available. These cabinet solutions enhance kitchen workflows with items being stored where they are needed for everyday kitchen use.

Practical cabinet solutions ensure stored items such as provisions, plates and cutlery and cleaning agents are within easy reach and immediately at hand. Blum provides practical cabinet solutions for both wall cabinets and base units ensuring you can meet your customer storage requirements.


A well-thought-out solution for everyday use, Blum’s SPACE TOWER uses every inch of storage space available. The inner pull-outs can be opened individually, giving users easy access and clear visibility from all three sides.


Too often space available in the kitchen corner cabinet is wasted with stored items uncomfortable to access and easily forgotten. Blum’s SPACE CORNER make optimal use of the space with the full extension angled drawers utilising the available space providing access into the furthest corner.

Sink Cabinet

Combining Blum’s sink drawer and waste bin pull-out applications making use of the space available under the sink. Cleaning agents and utensils can be stored out of sight and within easy reach right where they are used.

Narrow cabinet

Blum’s Narrow cabinets provide a simple solution that creates valuable storage space by making use of the even the smallest space in the kitchen. Spices, oils and baking trays can be stored between the preparation and cooking area providing quick and convenient access when needed.

For more Information about Blum’s Practical cabinet solutions, contact your local Blum representative or visit


Staron® Design Awards 2017

Staron® Design Awards 2017

Austaron Surfaces are excited to announce that the Staron® Design Awards are back for 2017.

The awards are open to any designer, architect, developer, kitchen/bathroom designer, student or any other designer who has created a design project using Staron® Solid Surfaces. The design awards have been designed to create exposure for students, designers and architects using Staron® in outstanding design. The aim is to recognize and celebrate beautiful design at all levels – from a young designer’s vision, who creates concepts and ideas all the way through to an experienced designer / architect who has been in the business for years. The program is open in three categories across 2017 – Commercial, Residential and Concept.

The Staron® Design Award judges have also returned in 2017. The judges panel includes Sophia Watson from Indesign, Amanda Stanaway from Woods Bagot and Stephen Varady from Stephen Varady Associates. Each judge has a wide and varied background of experience that brings a vast wealth of knowledge to the judging process.

The Staron® Design Awards 2017 will be open for entries 1 May –  30 September, 2017. Entry to the Staron® Design Awards are free and easy and can be made online at

Photo: Staron Design Award 2016 winning design by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects.