Schweigen features in ‘House to Home Beautiful’ campaign

Schweigen features in ‘House to Home Beautiful’ campaign

Schweigen is delighted to announce they are the kitchen appliance partner in Home Beautiful magazine’s newly launched ‘House to Home Beautiful’ campaign.

Home Beautiful has created an exciting concept – House to Home Beautiful – in which they have partnered with Thomas Archer Homes to design the interiors of a brand new home, step by step, showing how beautiful, unique and personal a new home should be.

Schweigen has partnered with Home Beautiful on this new campaign, to launch its new Schweigen IN. range to Australian consumers.  A selection of the new Schweigen IN. products, including the Pyrolytic Built-in Oven, the Induction Cooktop and Undermount Silent Rangehood, will be installed into the brand new build, which will be home to Melbourne based interior stylist, Aimee Tarulli.

The campaign will be promoted across four editions of the print magazine (August through to November issues), online and via social media channels, such as Instagram Facebook and Pinterest.

Anthony Fletcher, Managing Director of Schweigen, said he’s excited to be launching the new Schweigen IN. range through House to Home Beautiful.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes with Home Beautiful magazine and we’re thrilled that we can now announce that we’re the kitchen appliance partner for the newly launched House to Home Beautiful campaign and have our kitchen appliances feature in this exciting project.

“Aimee will be among the very first to try out our new Schweigen IN. range once her new house is completed – we’re sure she’ll be blown away by the technology and innovative style of our appliance range.”

Introducing Vauth-Sagel

Introducing Vauth-Sagel

KBDi is pleased to welcome Vauth-Sagel to the fold; in this feature we’ll introduce you to our newest Silver Sponsor, and we encourage you to visit their website to learn more.

Vauth-Sagel has presented contemporary and innovative storage space solutions for over 55 years.

The owner-managed family business develops, manufactures and sells system components for the kitchen and furniture industry, with the primary goal of making people’s lives more comfortable. With many years of expertise in working with all of the materials used, 850 employees manufacture more than 85 million quality products ‘Made in Germany’ every year.

Vauth-Sagel’s ‘new look’ unveiled at interzum 2017

The long-established company completely redesigned its image for launch at interzum 2017. Their new corporate identity was designed to add a visual component to the company’s strategic realignment, represented at interzum 2017 with a number of innovative new products and services.

“The world has changed. So we are changing, too,” says CEO Claus Sagel. “We have now also transferred our internationalisation and ongoing transformation into a driving force and system provider for the storage solutions of the future to our external image.”

The new Vauth-Sagel logo is a visual interpretation of the company’s mission. Whilst the purist, geometrical shapes that represent the ‘S’ stand for the space saving solutions Vauth-Sagel already offers today, the less clearly defined ‘V’ symbolises an open door, and therefore the company’s open-minded approach towards becoming a system provider that develops solutions for all areas of life. The new colour embodies the sea and the sky – because both of these elements are shared by continents and people.

“Our mission is: ‘We want to make it possible for people to make their homes more comfortable at a sophisticated level so they can rediscover the space they live in. And we want to do this for everyone, all over the world!” says Claus Sagel. “The new CI communicates this philosophy, from the logo to the visual language and the colours chosen, in all of the different components that together define our brand.”

The message which the company sends out to its customers is clear: let’s focus on simplification on all levels. Vauth-Sagel offers products and services to industry customers, retailers, interior designers and tradesmen, allowing them to offer their customers unique storage space solutions.

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Dazzling new collection launches in Australia

Dazzling new collection launches in Australia

Silestone®, the world’s leading brand in the quartz surface category, are thrilled to release to the Australian market a dazzling new range of colours which pay homage to the most sought-after, exotic marbles in the natural stone sector. The Silestone® Eternal Collection represents the seductive character that defines this noble, enduring material, which has been with us since time immemorial.

The Eternal Silestone® range is made up of seven spectacular shades:

Eternal Calacatta Gold

A colour made up of a white background through which elegant, wide grey highlights are interspersed with unexpected golden glints. Eternal Calacatta Gold, with its eternal, distinguished appearance, pays homage to a marble which has been held in high esteem since ancient times.

Eternal Statuario

Inspired by the classic Italian Carrara marble, Eternal Statuario has a white surface with very soft, sparkling highlights in a shade of grey. Colour and harmony are fused in a background that stands out for its remarkable sense of depth.

Charcoal Soapstone

Inspired by the popular “soap stone”, this colour has a blue-grey finish with powerful, grey highlights. A spectacular creation, characterised by its rotundity, depth and sense of movement.
Pearl Jasmine

Inspired by White Macaubas marble, Pearl Jasmine offers a marbled, white background with interwoven grey waves and highlights. Pure aesthetics, presided over by a style of natural, timeless exquisiteness.

Eternal Calacatta Classic

Following the same lines as Eternal Calacatta Gold, the Classic version mirrors a different pattern of highlights and subdues the golden glints. An exacting design with an attractive, elegant effect.

Eternal Serena

A finish of grey stone with fine, gentle, white lines drawn through to its depths. The subtlety and softness of nature define this distinguished proposal.

Eternal Marquina

Evocative of the beautiful, Spanish Black Marquina marble, this creation presents an intense, black background with convincing, intense, white details and highlights which rise to the surface.
The colour palettes reflect a new trend making its mark on the world of decoration and interior architecture, which sees a commitment to the beauty and timeless natural qualities of authentic, age-old materials replicated with technologically advanced attributes.

The Eternal Collection is the first Silestone® Collection to be manufactured with N-Boost technology. N-Boost is an innovation patented by Cosentino which modifies the surface of the material at a molecular level and further enhances Silestone’s® outstanding technical and aesthetic properties.

Silestone® N-Boost achieves a greater intensity of colour and an extraordinary surface brightness, and makes the cleaning and maintenance of Silestone® easier than ever, thanks to the water repellent property of the material. Silestone® Eternal also offers the range of mechanical properties which characterise the brand: high resistance to impact and scratching, manufacture in large size formats and versatility of application.

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Inaugural PYTHA Convention coming to Sydney!

Inaugural PYTHA Convention coming to Sydney!

Pytha Partners Australia are thrilled to be launching the first ever PYTHA PARTNERS CONVENTION. The PYTHA pow-wow well be held in Sydney on 13-14 October, 2017, with the city’s most iconic locations featured in the convention program.

They’re busy planning the finer details, but delegates can look forward to:

The official launch of PYTHA V23

The Germans are booking their tickets and heading to Australia! Convention guests will learn everything they need to know about Version 23 directly from the developers, and have a great opportunity to ask questions, see demonstrations, discover new features and more.

Intensive PYTHA Workshops

Pytha Partners Australia are organising a series of workshops to help users continue to get the most out of their PYTHA 3D CAD.

A celebration of PYTHA’s 20 Anniversary in Australia

Iconic Luna Park will be the venue for a very special gala dinner celebrating PYTHA’s twentieth year down under. Pytha Partners Australia are planning some great entertainment and a range of presentations to mark the anniversary and thank all of those who’ve joined them on their journey so far.

Of course there’ll be plenty of socialising, great company and Sydney sight-seeing, too. If you’ve been looking for a (tax-deductible) genuinely good excuse to spend a weekend in Sydney, this is it!

For more information, contact Pytha Partners today.