Techno Retreats: the new bathroom bliss

Techno Retreats: the new bathroom bliss

KBDi members enjoyed a very inspiring session by one of Australia’s best and most awarded bathroom designers at KBDi’s Design Symposium 2017, with thanks to generous support of silver sponsors, Pytha Partners.

Designer Darren Genner (Minosa) took us time travelling through the history of Australian bathrooms in his fantastic presentation. From the iconic ‘thunder box’ and some snazzy carpeted bathrooms (yikes!) to the uber-impressive techno-retreats of today, Darren’s tour through the evolution of bathrooms was both informative and entertaining.

Darren shared some of the incredible new products heading our way, and explored how technology is increasing our options with respect to materials and sanitaryware. He also shared the way in which technology is changing his design process, and taking his clients’ design experience to a whole new level.

If you missed out on this session, we have some good news for you; Darren is generously sharing the presentation with KBDi members; we’ll let you know when it’s available in your dedicated Members Resource portal, so watch this space!

Huge thanks to Pytha Partners for their generous support at this year’s KBDi Design Symposium 2017. To learn more about the ingenious software Darren is using, visit

Classic combination of steam and style

Classic combination of steam and style

Health, flavour and style combine in the latest kitchen appliance to claim hero status.  The Combi Steam oven, from Smeg, is that rare beast that multi-tasks to perfection while making a positive contribution to our health and an inimitable style statement in our home!

Combi steam cooking, the technique used by restaurants to produce those perfect, succulent dishes we all admire, delivers three methods of cooking in the one appliance – they can be used separately or in combination.

Steam, convection baking and grilling are the key features of the Smeg SFA4395VCX Classic Combi Steam oven.

Steam cooking, long recognised for its health benefits, retains the food’s nutrients, natural juices and original colour.  Different dishes can be cooked simultaneously without any transfer of flavour or aroma.  And flavours are intensified while cooking times are reduced.

Convection baking meanwhile, including fan forced and static bake, is the preferred method for cakes, pastries and rich, slow cooked dishes.

Grilling is unsurpassed for sealing meats and browning a wide range of foods.  Each of the three cooking methods – steam, grilling and convection – can be used separately in Smeg’s Combi Steam oven – or simultaneously!

In a case of the best of both worlds, users can steam a piece of chicken or fish and simultaneously brown it.  Frozen food can be cooked without having to be thawed first.  Breads and pizza dough can be proved in the warm oven and then baked to perfection – soft inside with a crunchy glossy crust – using a combination of fan-forced heat and 25 per cent steam.

Meats and fish also benefit from a combination of fan-forced heat and steam – they retain their succulence and there is no shrinkage.

The Smeg Classic combi steam oven works efficiently and very hygienically.  A water tank is located outside of the cooking compartment in order to maximise the capacity of the oven (41 litres nett) and leave the interior clean and clutter free.  The innovative Fill and Hide system fills and drains water through a flexibile telescopic tube which disappears into a recess when not in use.  And unlike other steam ovens, the Smeg model generates steam straight away – there is no need to wait while the oven reaches full temperature.

The Smeg Classic combi steam oven (SFA4395VCX) has 11 cooking modes in all and 50 SmartSense Plus auto menus.  The oven interior, featuring EverClean enamel (a superior enamel that makes cleaning even easier), is easily cleaned using the Vapour Clean cleaning cycle.

Cooking with steam in the Combi Steam oven can be done with temperatures ranging from 30˚C to 100˚C – which ensures all nutrients, usually damaged by higher temperature cooking methods, are preserved.

Smeg is dedicated to the art of technology with style – the Combi Steam oven is available in three distinct designs – Classic all stainless steel, designed by Guido Canali; the sleek, highly contemporary Linear in a choice of white, black and stainless steel; and the retro design Victoria in black, white and panna.

SFA4395VCX Classic, black eclipse glass: $4090

SFA4920VC Victoria, 20 SmartSense menus: $4490

SFA4130VC Linear TFT interface, soft close door: $4390

SFA4140VC Linear Colour Touch TFT interface: $4490

Smeg Combi Steam Ovens are available nationally from appliance specialists and electrical retailers.  Visit for more details.

MFU-1000 Flush Sliding Door System

MFU-1000 Flush Sliding Door System

This unique sliding door system allows the door to function with a smooth, steady, and gentle operation that delivers the door to sit flush with adjacent walls when closed.

With the door flush against the adjacent walls, it can be incorporated into decorative panels and almost completely hidden – making the end result seamless in look and feel.

Sugatsune, delivering quality hardware for over 85 years and now available from Lincoln Sentry. For more information, contact the Lincoln Sentry National Customer Service Centre on 1300 551 919.

Hands on tools from Blum designed for designers

Hands on tools from Blum designed for designers

Supporting your unique design ideas, current design trends and personal preferences, Blum Australia have a variety of tools to aid you during specification and initial design stages.

To assist in the specification of Blum product solutions, a dedicated web resource is available where full specification documents and specification text relevant to the Australian product range can be downloaded. This resource also provides a range of product and innovation solutions that can support current design trends.

The recently developed fan deck provides a total range representation of Blum drawer and pull-out solutions offering a quick and easy overview of the most relevant and up to date information in an easy to reference tool.

Assisting with the demand for current design trends, Blum showrooms house a vast range of the latest product and innovations. The recent addition of a handle-less LEGRABOX kitchen display including all of Blum’s motion technologies, highlights how Blum can provide infinite possibilities and support the demands for handle-less furniture design. Blum’s Kitchen Test Drive facility (available at Blum showrooms) provides you with an opportunity to see your kitchen designs come to life and try out your designs before they are finalised, ensuring you’ve ticked all the boxes when planning the perfect kitchen for your clients.

Architects and designers are encouraged to visit their nearest Blum showroom with their clients to experience Blum product innovations first hand, and make use of the range of tools available to support you with your unique and functional designs.

For more Information on Blum’s support tools for specification and design solutions contact your local Blum representative or visit

Stunning ‘Stile’ range by Gareth Ashton

Stunning ‘Stile’ range by Gareth Ashton

Developing an Italian-made bathroom tapware range that encapsulates the meaning of ‘style’ is how the Gareth Ashton Stile Range was born. It is available in five modern metallic finishes to suit every bathroom design and colour scheme. The range’s unique-shaped spout and handles ensure it will leave a lasting impression in any bathroom. Best of all, Stile tapware is modern, stylish, of exceptional quality yet highly affordable.

For more information, visit Abey Australia at, or phone 1800 809 143.