KBDi Designer Awards 2018 – let the judging begin!

KBDi Designer Awards 2018 – let the judging begin!

Judging of the KBDi Designer Awards 2018 is now underway (we’ll be introducing our amazing panel soon), and we’re counting down the days until we reveal the big winners at our annual Awards Gala.

Despite the short time frame between last year’s competition and this year’s deadline, we had an incredible response to the program, and share a ‘snippet of stats’ below:

  • The NSW kitchen and bathroom design industry is obviously ON FIRE (in the best possible way!), with a whopping 36% of entries coming from the Blues.
  • Victoria was a close second, and SA and WA went neck for neck for third place, with 16% and 15% of entries respectively.
  • AS is almost always the case, the Large Kitchen category was the favourite, followed by Large Bathrooms.
  • And our personal FAVOURITE STAT is this one: 28% of entrants in the KBDi Designer Awards program of 2018 were newbies! Congratulations to the many first time entrants who took the plunge; we look forward to celebrating with you on the Gold Coast in June!

Have you booked your place at the Gala yet? You know the best-valued ticket includes two days of design inspiration at our annual KBDi Design Symposium – check out the program and ticket prices here.

Have you booked your Gold Coast Getaway yet?

Have you booked your Gold Coast Getaway yet?

There are few better places to spend a winter weekend than on Queensland’s ever-sunny Gold Coast, and we’ve lined up three great reasons for you to register for the KBDi Design Symposium and Gala book your flights today!

1. Design Inspiration: In June 2018, KBDi will be celebrating a Decade of Design, and we’re working on a program that you won’t want to miss. Our two day Symposium promises to be inspiring, informative and LOTS of fun! A full agenda will be released in the new year, but in the meantime here’s a sneak preview.

2. Dressing Up and Dining Fine: the Gold Coast is synonymous with glitz and glam, and we couldn’t think of a better place to hold our KBDi Designer Awards 2018 Gala Dinner. Join us as we reveal the crème de la crème of the K & B industry at a very special tenth anniversary event.

3. Long Weekend Luxury: we’re setting up camp at the Gold Coast’s only beachfront resort, and encourage you to check out the incredible rooms available at the 5 star Sheraton Grand Mirage Gold Coast. Check in on the Thursday (7 June, 2018) and give yourself a few days to really relax. Most of you will have a public holiday on Monday, June 11 – why not make the most of this long weekend at a luxury resort!?!

Motivated yet? Remember places are limited, so register and book today!

How to interview to get the best candidate for the job!

How to interview to get the best candidate for the job!

KBDi Affiliate Member, Nina Slade of Prymore Pty Ltd, is a business consultant with a primary focus on the cabinet making and kitchen industry. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Nina works with business owners to minimise their business stresses and maximize their success. In this article, she shares some great tips for interviewing and securing the best person for your ‘position vacant’.

Great news – you’ve decided to employ a new team member. It doesn’t matter if this person is casual, part time or full time –  it is essential that you get the right person for the job.

However, good people are hard to find.

With roles now reversed – where you need to prove why they should work for you over other kitchen or bathroom companies – it is essential that you are at the top of your game when it comes to interviewing.

So how do you do this?

Conduct Initial Phone Interviews

Short list your applicants then call them to have a brief discussion about the role. This is to establish whether they have clear verbal communication skills, understand the job role and ask them what their pay/salary expectations are (no point interviewing someone that wants a lot more than you can afford). This initial call should only be 15-30 minutes long. If all goes well, then make an interview time on the spot; this is not only super efficient, but demonstrates to the applicant that you make decisions quickly and are serious and professional.

Face To Face Interview

Always have a room with a glass of water ready for the interview. Never quickly clean up in front of them as this just makes you look unprepared and disorganised.

Ensure that you have read their resume ahead of time because if you haven’t, it only shows disrespect towards them and that you are not really interested.

Now is the time to take control of the interview.

Explain to them the flow of the interview – they will tell you about their work history and skills, you will explain the role and the business then they can ask any questions.

Why should you do it this way?

Because you get to hear what they have done and their skills without them customizing it for the role.

If you do it the other way around, the applicant will only tell you things that match what you have told them you are after. You then think they are fantastic and a great fit but are they really? Think about it – they have just told you only what you wanted to hear.

If you think you’d love to hire them, ask them if they are going for any other interviews and where are they with them? It is an absolutely fine question to ask and it also let’s you know the timeframe you have so you don’t miss out on them.


If you want to know whether they have a family, are married, where they live etc (remember it is illegal to ask these due to discrimination) – just ask what they do on the weekend, what their hobbies are, if they see their family much and where do they go out around their area?)

In summary, the main tips here are to be prepared, professional and for you to be in control of the interviews.

The applicant will only naturally get a good sense of how good your business is if you display this conduct and you’ll be likely to beat your competition to a great future employee.

Nina Slade is a dedicated business consultant to the cabinet making and kitchen industry. With over 17 years’ experience within the industry, her focus is now working with business owners to eliminate those every day issues that keep reoccurring and turn businesses around to become successful. Her hands-on approach means she works with you to get real results. Contact her for a free, no obligation chat or visit her website.

m: 0414 4447 104

e: nina@prymore.com.au

w: www.prymore.com.au

Laminex inspired by beauty of nature

Laminex inspired by beauty of nature

As the fragility of our environment becomes more apparent, designers are encouraged to celebrate and reclaim the beauty of nature, breathing life into interior spaces and inspiring homeowners to protect and preserve. Laminex have identified and developed seven stunning trends inspired by nature, and they share them here:

1. Precious

Our world is full of wonder. Celebrate the uniqueness of our endangered species, reefs and rainforests by bringing their colours and textures into your home. White with a subtle marble grain depicts the delicacy of Antarctica’s melting glaciers, while textured beige woods and stones represent the intricacy of feathers.

Style Trend Precious Laminex Unique Calacatta

The perfect feature for the Precious Look: Essastone Unique Calacatta – its subtle marble vein brings the beauty of Antarctica’s icebergs into your home.

Complement these neutral shades with a selection of pinks, greens and blues suggestive of deep sea coral. Then, embed a discreet but significant structure and pattern throughout your space to reflect natural raw elements.

Tip: Simplicity is the key to the Precious Look – choose one hero element from the theme for your room, keep the colour palette tight and don’t mix too many tones or textures.

Style Trend Precious Laminex

Create the Precious Look with our Laminex AbsoluteMatte Neo CloudEssastone Bisque Cloudand Laminex AbsoluteGrain Bleached Elm.

2. Reclaim

As our earth’s natural resources become ever scarcer, we breathe new life into precious natural resources like slate, teak, granite, steel, oak, basalt and birch. Indicative of the raw materials they are inspired by, the tones of this colour palette appear well-worn, strong and weathered.

Tip: When using timber products to create the Reclaim trend, mix timber with similar structure and tonality and ensure you run the grain to match your space. If you want to accentuate height run it vertical; if you want width run the grain horizontally.

Style Trend Reclaim Laminex

The best products to get the look? Choose our AbsoluteGrain Oxidised BeamwoodAbsoluteGrain Artisan Beamwood and AbsoluteGrain Salvaged Planked Elm.

3. Civil Unrest

It’s in times of uncertainty and instability that we look for beauty in the unexpected. This colour palette is a sign of our times, but with an optimistic outlook. The inspiration behind each shade derives from something gloomy that has been turned into a thing of beauty, be it contaminated soil, dust, smoke, toxic chemicals or urban density. The colours on this palette range from light to rich greys, stones, brown and khakis, contrasted with punches of colour with a slightly dirtier tone – think sulphur yellow, orange-based reds and foggy greens.

Tip: Make sure you only introduce decors that have a grey undertone to them and do not appear too clean. Create depth by mixing material in mid tone greys with elements in deeper saturated tones.

Style Trend Unrest Laminex

The ideal Laminex products for the Civil Unrest style are Laminex AbsoluteMatte Stormcloud andAbsoluteMatte Surf.

4. Forage

In 2018, designers will look at new ways of upcycling and will further diversify their sources. Instead of flowers, for example, they are inspired by mushrooms, leaves, moss growing freely in the wild. Our Forage trend presents colours in their truest form as they are found in nature. Bring the outdoors in by using deep shades of jungle green, brown toned khakis, natural woods and herb inspired greens.

Tip: When introducing greens to your forage style, ensure to use the same tones. Contrasts in depth can work, but don’t mix bright levels if you have gone for an earthy base.

Style Trend Forage Laminex

Choose our Essastone Flint and Laminex AbsoluteGrain Oiled Legno for this look.

5. Still

With our hyper connected, fast paced modern live, harnessing a moment of complete calm and peace is a rarity. This trend gives us the opportunity to take a breath and find stillness. Central to this idea is simplification. Soft and slightly textured variations of grey stone are at the core of this look, serving as a cool, neutral backdrop for the contemporary home. The remainder of the palette spans shades of blonde and brown with natural grain finishes. Each colour appears restful, dependable and reassuring.

Tip: Keep this palette soft across all levels for a successful look, including furniture, lighting and décor. By adding some soft tones of linen and cotton, you will create your own personal sanctuary.

Style Trend Still Laminex

Our Laminex AbsoluteGrain Delano Oak and Laminex AbsoluteMatte Black are the perfect ingredients for the Still Look.

6. Purity

Do you long for simplicity and positivity in your everyday life? Then our Purity Style might be appealing to you as well, as it takes inspiration from the purest of elements. A small step towards seeing the positive in the everyday is through simple, organic shaped items and a soft colour palette drawn from nature. Pastel shades of pink and lilac are inspired by crystals and shades of blue are drawn from gemstones and the ocean. Neutral tones bring a sense of peacefulness.

Tip: Ensure there is a softness and simplicity to the palette, one colour can speak a strong design style.

Style Trend Purity Laminex

Get the look with Laminex Gunmetal.

7. High Street

If you are in for some powerful colours instead, High Street is the style you are looking for: a fashion-inspired palette that evokes youth, technology and high performance. This look takes inspiration from the resurgence of creativity, the growth of 3D printing, the blurred lines between virtual and physical worlds and the 1980s – a decade of shimmering colour. The palette spans from deep purple to teal, coral, blue, orange and silver.

Tip: Let these bold colours stand alone in geometric or strong patterned shapes – such as on wall panelling, doors or in art – and pair them with a grey or grey-based white.

Style Trend High Street Laminex

Make a bold statement with Laminex Purely Purple.

For more inspiration, and to see the Laminex colours ‘live’, visit your nearest Laminex showroom.

Farmers continue to flourish in Australia and NZ

Farmers continue to flourish in Australia and NZ

Over the past 40 years, Farmers’ passion for their craft has seen their business flourish throughout Australia and even across to New Zealand. With a focus on individual customer preferences, Farmers have developed a range that will appeal to all personal tastes and will form a focal point that works in harmony with the rest of the home.

The Farmers range is crafted from natural timbers using environmentally friendly methods. Every piece is meticulously finished in superior quality Italian paints that are available in an endless colour palette to suit each individual’s interior décor. All doors from the Farmers range are painted on both sides – providing the ultimate finishing touch.

Introducing ELEMENTS by Farmers. 

Hamptons – A fresh approach to casual elegance

The Hamptons range is defined by a sense of cool sophistication that feels ideally balanced and relaxed. Based on the effortless style of the iconic Long Island location, where New York society gather for their summer vacations, these kitchens will suit those looking for simple beauty which is at once reserved and elegant.

Farmers’ Hamptons range offers a selection of doors and decorative features that include decorative moulds and kicks.

Traditional – Where rustic charm meets urban style

A Farmers traditional style kitchen will bring a timeless personality to your home that will never go out of vogue. The natural hoop pine timber used by Farmers, brings with is an air of rural sophistication that speaks comfort, quality and individuality.

Farmers’ traditional range offers a wide selection of colours and embellishment options that help tailor it to each individual’s needs.

Oak – A modern statement in design innovation

Inspired by the latest European trends, the new oak range sets a striking direction for classic kitchens. By combining a textured facade with sleek minimalist lines, these new interpretations will appeal to those with an eye for detail and an appreciated of future-focused design.

Farmers’ Weathered Oak doors feature an enduring crown cut oak recess panel and are available in a range of finishes. Select natural timber or choose from ANY1 colour options. The Natural Oak range can also be done using our Signature Series system and can be coated with a subtle patina to express the natural wood grain.

Farmers is now available exclusively through Lincoln Sentry. For more information, contact Lincoln Sentry Customer Service on 1300 551 919 or Farmers on 1300 72 51 51.