Meet the KBDi Designer Awards Judging Panel of 2018

Meet the KBDi Designer Awards Judging Panel of 2018

Judging the KBDi Designer Awards is a fun but intensive task; the process begins with an intensive critique of every individual entry, where each entrant’s work is assessed against a comprehensive judging criteria. Based on this assessment, entries are allocated a final number of points; the points are scaled against their competing entries, and successful entries move on to the next phase.

During stage two, all three judges are locked away for two days of face-to-face reviews, where each entry is revisited, analysed, admired and discussed. Sometimes the winning entry stands out by a mile, but often there is much deliberation between several contenders.

To get through the above, judges need a genuine passion for the industry, an eye for detail and flair and a great deal of experience in design. This year’s panel certainly ticked all of these boxes, and we introduce our ‘powerhouse panel’ here:

Susanna Bilardo

Susanna Bilardo is an Adelaide-based interior architect with over two decades of industry experience and an awe-inspiring passion for all-things-design. She has delivered a long list of interior projects within commercial, education, health, hospitality, retail and residential fields, and is justifiably proud of her folio of custom furniture and fitting design. Guests at last year’s KBDi Design Symposium were most impressed with Susanna’s multi-disciplinarian approach to design, and her well-rounded philosophies have added an extra element to our 2018 panel.

Lisa Chapman CKD Au, CBD Au

As the Training Manager and Director of Designer Training Australia and the Principal Designer and Director of a successful interior design firm, it’s fair to say that Lisa Chapman is fairly well immersed in the industry! With a keen eye for detail and a remarkable recall of regulations, Lisa brings terrific technical tenacity and design prowess to the judging team.

Rina Cohen CKD Au

Melbourne designer, Rina Cohen, has lived and breathed interior spaces for close to three decades. Her successful firm, Rina Cohen Interiors, was established in 1988; since then, Rina has enjoyed working with both local and international clients, on a diverse range of projects from commercial interiors to retail design and residential abodes. She’s been on the other side of a judging panel for many years, taking out numerous awards in her time, and we are delighted to have her on our side of the fence in 2018!

Introducing Portofino by Smeg

Introducing Portofino by Smeg

Smeg has chosen its 70th anniversary of delivering groundbreaking technology with style to introduce to the world its most technologically advanced freestanding cooker to date!

Portofino, inspired by its namesake village on the Italian Riviera, is a massive leap in terms of world-first features and sheer style.   It delivers the art of easy access set-and-forget-cooking whereby the home cook achieves perfect results every time.

From the first glimpse of the statuesque lines of the Portofino – in eight colours that include the Portofino hues of sunshine yellow, olive green, coral red and burnt orange – it is clear to see that this beautiful appliance takes us to a new level in upright cookers.

World firsts in technological features include the Thermoseal cavity, European A+ energy rating for a 126L capacity oven, and triple fan interior heat distribution.

The Thermoseal cavity is designed with rounded corners and smooth, uniform walls to create maximum thermal insulation – which produces the best energy performance of any 90cm oven on the market.  This, coupled with the more powerful Dynamic Airflow triple fan heat distribution system, halves pre-heating times (a mere six minutes to reach 200 degrees Centigrade) and allows perfectly even cooking.

Thermoseal’s assurance of perfect results every time, no matter the dish, is a key factor in consumer satisfaction.  By controlling the oven cavity and ensuring no temperature fluctuations and atmospheric control, roasted meats are succulent, pastries are crisp and cakes are light and evenly baked.   A tilting grill, rotisserie attachment and optional fitted pizza stone are further accoutrements for the cook who likes to entertain.

Convenience is integral to the design of the Portofino with standard inclusions comprising five cooking levels, telescopic shelves, powerful 40W halogen lamps on both sides for maximum visibility and a soft close door.

Cleaning is made super user-friendly with the appliance’s sophisticated engineering with pyrolytic self-cleaning technology, removable inner glass door and extra-smooth, durable Ever Clean enamel interior.

An advanced electronic display offers intuitive control of the 16 cooking modes with 20 automatic pre-set recipes.

The Portofino’s six burner gas hob includes an impressive ultra-rapid burner plus cast iron trivets that have a perfectly flat surface, similar to a professional hob (which enables the user to slide pans instead of having to lift them).

The Smeg Portofino freestanding cooker, available in both dual-fuel and induction models in eight colours, has been released to mark Smeg’s 70th anniversary.   There is also a Portofino 90cm rangehood in the range.  Available nationally from selected appliance retailers RRPs are as follows:

Portofino CPF9P**A 126L Thermoseal 90cm Multi-fuel                            $6990

Portofino CPF9IP**A 126L Thermoseal 90cm Induction                          $8990

Portofino KPFA9** 90cm Wall-mount Rangehood 815m3/hr                  $2990

Visit for more details.

Start taking control of your working week

Start taking control of your working week

KBDi Affiliate Member, Nina Slade of Prymore Pty Ltd, is a business consultant with a primary focus on the cabinet making and kitchen industry. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Nina works with business owners to minimise their business stresses and maximize their success. In this article, she shares some great tips for getting in control of your week.

Either Run The Day or The Day Runs You – Jim Rohn.

A common  conversation that many of us are having is that life is just getting busier and busier. Luckily, we all have a choice to either keep running with that approach or make some changes now that can help us be more productive and in control of our week.

Below are some simple methods to implement that will enable you to see changes within the week.

Stop Saying Yes to Everyone & Everything

By constantly saying yes, will only lead to your week being full of events & tasks that are not really the most important way for you to spend your time. Plus it can lead to huge amounts of stress and the possibility of letting people down that really matter. If people really want you to be part of a group, attend a meeting or complete a job for them, they WILL wait until you are free. Practice taking a pause before saying yes, as it allows you to consider if you really need to be part of that activity or task.

Technology Interruptions

Leave your mobile phone on silent in your office or in your bag when attending every meeting. Not only will this improve your productivity but will also show a lot of respect for others such as clients, suppliers & co-workers. By being present, it allows you to focus and make immediate decisions without creating a long to do list because simply, you controlled the technology  – not the other way around.

Colour Block Your Calendar

No matter which electronic calendar you use, by setting up a colour blocking system, at a quick glance you can visually see how your week is panning out and not over book your day.

Nominate a colour for your time for example: red = meetings, blue = quotations, yellow = driving/travel to appointments, orange = factory/on-site work, pink = family/personal time.

After a week of doing this, it will become second nature and soon you manage your diary a lot quicker and efficiently.

Control the Drop In’s

Unexpected drop ins can be one of the biggest interruption’s to your day. Whilst you never want to turn a client away, have a think who else might drop in and want to see you without an appointment? For example: Suppliers are more than happy to call ahead of time to make an appointment as they operate on a run schedule. Simply have a conversation with each of them so they know how you operate and soon you will see your day is organised and the interruptions are reduced.

Trying Talking Instead of Emailing

In a world of technology, we naturally tend to email everything. However sometimes emails become back and forth messages which soon eat up more of your time. So much for the quick email you were shooting off. If you don’t resolve a query within 2 emails, pick up the phone and talk to the person and resolve the query immediately. Imagine how good that would be!

Lastly, if you feel that you can’t introduce all of these new methods all at once, why not give yourself a challenge to try one at the start of each new week.

Best bathroom designs offer optimal organisation

Best bathroom designs offer optimal organisation

Exclusive to Lincoln Sentry, the Onda Bathroom range provides complete and functional accessories for the bathroom. Made in Italy by Gollinucci, the refined finishes of the Onda range make it the perfect way to complement the design and functionality of the bathroom.

Available in a white or grey matte finish, the Onda range is made up as kits to suit the following drawer depths; 450mm, 400mm, 350mm and 270mm. Kits come assembled and ready to go straight into the drawer, all that needs to be done is adjust to suit the internal width of the drawer.

Each kit comes complete with a range of accessories, and, depending on the size includes;

  • Small Tray – ideal for make-up brushes and combs
  • Cosmetics holder
  • Small box with lid (different configurations to suit the different sizes
  • Tissue box holder (only available to suit depths of 450mm and 400mm)

Each of these accessories can be removed and repositioned within the frame for handy use. Each solution can be integrated with additional accessories that adapt well to the width and depth of most common type drawers.

In addition to the organisational range, there is also a range of vanity bins for the bathroom. The clean modern design and compact dimensions make these bins suitable for use either inside the vanity or attached to the door with the easy to use mounting bracket. There is an option for either a swivel lid or manual lift off lid, with both available in the grey or white matte finish. Each bin has a capacity of 5L, is easy to install and includes the aluminium door mounting bracket.

Contact Lincoln Sentry on 1300 551 919 for more information.

Ultra-cool space wins Staron Design Awards

Ultra-cool space wins Staron Design Awards

Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace is the Residential winner of the Staron Design Awards. Mark has been recognised for his outstanding design on an exclusive home on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Mark designed the ‘Art House’ using a selection of hand picked materials to create a luxurious look and feel throughout including the bathroom space.

In the master bathroom an origami inspired double vanity replicates a work of art. Made with Staron in colour Pebble Frost and back lit, the surface illuminates to create impact. The apron fronts of the vanity wrap around the oversized ostrich hide drawers and fold back in on themselves. The inside of the basin features Staron in Quasar White and folds down from the vanity surface with a rectangle of light peeking through the smart wastes. The addition of dimmable illumination from these surfaces also provides a beautiful and soft atmosphere.

The durability, smooth finish, non porous and illuminative nature of Staron has been used to benefit this beautiful project, while the aesthetic beauty blends well with the other materials to create a truly glamorous atmosphere. For more information on the Staron Design Awards visit