Salary guide sets out global snapshot of interior design and architecture industries

Salary guide sets out global snapshot of interior design and architecture industries

KBDi Affiliate Members, Bespoke Careers, are a specialist recruitment agency dedicated to connecting jobseekers with employers in architecture and design. With offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Los Angeles, Bespoke Careers have a truly global perspective of the design market, and a great understanding of the depth of employment opportunities available today.

Bespoke Careers have collated their most recent findings in an extensive and beautifully set out ‘Global Salary Guide 2018’. With salary guides across Architecture, CAD, Urban Design and Landscape, Interior Design, Business Support, Architectural and Interior Products and Graphics and CGI, the Guide presents a fantastic snapshot of industry positions and is a great read.

We encourage you to check out the Salary Guide here, and thank Bespoke Careers for making this available to our Members.

Keeping your team on track with comprehensive job descriptions

Keeping your team on track with comprehensive job descriptions

KBDi Affiliate Member, Nina Slade of Prymore Pty Ltd, is a business consultant with a primary focus on the cabinet making and kitchen industry. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Nina works with business owners to minimise their business stresses and maximize their success. In this article, she shares some great tips for getting on track with job descriptions.

Job descriptions are such a vital part of an employee’s role in your business; a comprehensive role outline will clearly dictate what a staff member’s responsibilities are and your expectations on what they should be doing. But did you know that job descriptions can be a helpful tool in other areas that many business owners are faced with on a daily basis?

Here are some tips on how to use job descriptions to keep your business and employees on track:

  • Eliminating “It’s Not My Job”

I think that most business owners have at some stage been confronted with an employee that has used this statement. Very frustrating and many times leaves us dumbfounded that someone can actually say it. By having a job description, it clearly outlines what their job roles are but the tip is to actually have a line that clearly states “Will conduct all other general duties as directed by your Supervisor or Director of the company”. Bingo – if you ask them to put petrol in the van, then do it!

  • Creating Accountability

Many employees are scared of accountability.  Some roles however, do have some major accountabilities and there is no way around it as it is part of the job. What happens though when an employee wants the role, the pay and the title but not to be held accountable?

By having a job description and going through it with them explaining what they are accountable for within this job role, it is laid out on the table clearly and there is nowhere for them to hide. If they are unwilling to be accountable, then they (with the help of you) need to make a decision that they may not be suitable for the role & it may be time to move on.

  • Assisting with Managing Poor Performance

When an employee is performing poorly in their job, you need to manage it immediately. Their job description should be your first point of reference. Pull it out, go through it with the employee making reference to the points that they are not performing in. Basically, they are employed to do this job role and if they are not, then it is the starting point for grounds of termination. (Ensure you get professional advice before terminating an employee).

  • Delegating Duties When Someone is On Leave

So, your Head Designer is going on annual leave. Your immediate thought is “who is going to do their duties?” To ensure that a major task does not fall off the wagon when they are away, pull out the job description and allocate line by line the tasks to other people in the organisation. If this is done at least 2 weeks or more in advance, it allows training to occur and a decent handover prior to the leave period. No workplace should fall apart when someone takes leave but by being proactive and using the job description beforehand, can prevent loss of sales and stress for all.


Creating inimitable interiors with built-in art assets

Creating inimitable interiors with built-in art assets

There is no doubt that apps like Pinterest and Instagram are a non-stop source of inspiration for designers.

With stunning images of interiors always available at our fingertips, finding inspiration is easy. Interpreting that inspiration in a way that is unique is more of a challenge.

Likewise, coming up with a concept that is in itself difficult to imitate can take a little ‘out of the box’ thinking.

One way of ensuring your design is not a carbon copy of another, and a little more difficult for the next designer to replicate, is to procure the work of individual artisans and artists.

KBDi Affiliate Member, Sharron Tancred (of Tailored Artworks in Brisbane), is one such artist keen to help you make your interiors inimitable with a range of built-in art assets, from customised ‘real art splashbacks’ to handpainted murals and ‘art to mosaic’ bathroom solutions.

Sharron will be sharing her top tips for delivering truly unique and value-adding solutions to your Client’s homes at our upcoming Chapter Event in Brisbane (if you haven’t already done so, RSVP here).

We’d love to know if you’ve been working with artists or artisans in your design work…  If you have some good news stories about past or current collaborations, or other ways in which you’ve made your designs ‘one of a kind’, please email Selina at today.


Rustic charm meets urban style

Rustic charm meets urban style

Lincoln Sentry is proud to present the Farmers Weathered Oak kitchen doors, featuring an enduring crown cut oak recess panel and available in a range of finishes. Select natural timber or choose from the ANY1 colour options. The Natural Oak range can also be produced using Farmers Signature Series system and can be coated with a subtle patina to express the natural wood grain.

Contrasts are achieved by offsetting light bench tops with stainless steel appliances that collectively construct a finely balanced synthesis of contemporary and traditional.

A marble splashback with a hint of arresting detail would add visual depth to the recessive design and integrate perfectly with timber work areas and flooring.

You can also add a striking custom aluminium splashback from DecoSplash to complement your Weathered Oak design (image features the Light Marble DecoSplash).

Contact Lincoln Sentry on 1300 551 919 for more information.

Retro style meets mainstream with Smeg’s Victoria collection

Retro style meets mainstream with Smeg’s Victoria collection

The retro style aesthetic has hit mainstream with Smeg’s Victoria built-in collection of kitchen appliances delivering design choice like never before.

Melding the deliciously timeless aesthetics of the 50s with the cutting edge technology of the 21stcentury Victoria is proving popular in kitchens of varying architectural style – from beach or city house to country cottage and loft-style apartment.

In four colour options – white, black, panna and stainless steel – the collection comprises 60cm single and double ovens, both with pyrolytic cleaning, plus 45cm high compact models and warming drawers.

Jewel in the crown of the Victoria range is the SFPA6925 60cm multifunction pyrolytic oven with its 16 cooking functions (including proving and Sabbath), 20 SmartSense menus and soft close door.

The Victoria Speed Oven SFA4920MCN is another stand out with this compact oven combining circulating microwave power with traditional convection functions to dramatically reduce cooking times – just 30 minutes to cook a whole chicken to golden perfection (while retaining excellent texture, succulence and flavour).

The Victoria Compact Ovens – including the Speed Oven and Combi Steam Oven – are 45cm high and designed to be installed in a bank or tower of appliances.  They integrate seamlessly with the Victoria 60cm models in terms of both aesthetics and dimensions.  Fascias will align and controls will match – creating a customised cooking platform attuned to the user’s culinary tastes.  Add a 15cm high warming drawer beneath the compact oven for a totally aligned look.

The Smeg Victoria built-in collection is available nationally from specialist retailers.  Go to details.