Exposed edges add interest and appeal

Exposed edges add interest and appeal

There are numerous reasons DesignerPly is a premier choice in decorative applications throughout Australia. DesignerPly is durable and strong, its unique cross-layered structure making it kilo for kilo stronger than steel. Renewable and responsibly sourced, DesignerPly can come chain of custody certified and is environmentally friendly. And, of course, DesignerPly is naturally beautiful, preferred because of its warmth and natural markings.

While those are all valid reasons and have indeed been why DesignerPly has captured the nation, the more discerning eyes prefer the natural product for a truly unique aspect – the raw edge profile.

The raw edge of DesignerPly is layered, an attribute distinctive to plywood panels. The thicknesses of each layer depends on the species of ply, and the thickness of panel chosen. Without compromising on the integrity of the product, the edges can be left exposed as a design element that elevates projects to a new level.

Architects and designers alike have begun incorporating the exposed edges into various designs, with the favourite application emerging as cabinetry. The raw edge profile both enhances the natural beauty of the product and adds a luxurious feel to the room.

You can mimic plywood, or you can choose DesignerPly, the most comprehensive range of responsibly sourced plywood panels to create a truly unique environment.

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Gessi Eleganza Basin Mixer

Gessi Eleganza Basin Mixer

The elegant objects with which we surround ourselves say something about us and embody the essential need for style that we express throughout our daily lives. Gessi has embraced this aspiration by creating Eleganza, a refined collection for the bathroom inspired by the pursuit of tangible design to shape the intangible concept of elegance.

The Eleganza Basin Mixer forms part of Gessi’s new Eleganza Range (WELS Rating: 4 Star, 7.5L/min). Avaliable in eight finishes, its attention to detail and the perfect harmony of its contours showcase its Italian style and class.

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Employees and Social Media

Employees and Social Media

Social media is blurring the lines between employees’ personal thoughts and their professional responsibilities. What can employers do to navigate the increasingly difficult terrain of social media and business reputation? KBDi’s news Industry Partner, Employsure, share their thoughts on this sticky issue:

Social media has become a wonderful tool for sharing information, connecting with friends and family and building personal and professional networks.

Yet it’s also a platform where private thoughts are made public, sometimes to the detriment of the author, as well as their employers.

US Comedian Rosanne Barr recently discovered this harsh truth after her revived TV show was promptly cancelled following a racist Twitter comment. And she’s not alone, you only have to look at the social media controversies that have followed everyone from celebrities to CEOs to realise that the line between personal thoughts and professional responsibilities are starting to blur.

In the wake of yet another social media gaffe and the scandal that followed, it begs the question: At what point do an individual’s personal comments become the business of their employer?

Let’s take a look at this increasingly topical issue.

Social Media Policies

Many employers, in an effort to help control their online reputations and the behaviour of their employees, are creating social media policies that help influence how their employees share content and interact online. Social media policies are designed to help set out guidelines for how employees of a particular company are allowed to act online, including their comments, personal interactions, and more. Many employers start with a policy that shapes how employees can comment about the company or on behalf of the company, but those policies can also be expanded to include things like discriminatory comments.

Imposing Discipline

Traditionally, Australian courts have been reluctant to uphold the dismissal of employees for private social media posts made in their own time. In order to dismiss an employee for social media activity, the company must prove that the posts contain content that is in some way detrimental to the company itself.

If the posts are made on company time, the lost productivity and failure to adhere to company regulations may be reason enough for disciplinary action. Courts also typically support companies that terminate employment for people who have turned to social media to complain about clients of the company or who share confidential information about their employer.

The Employer/Employee Link

Many employees believe that if they’re making social media posts on their personal time, it shouldn’t be the business of the company. This is becoming a grey area. Employees are now inextricably linked with the companies they work for. LinkedIn profiles clearly proclaim the current place of employment, while Facebook and other social media platforms leave room for users to mention their employers.

Other websites clearly share information about high-placed employees within the company. It’s impossible to separate employee and company when it comes to online presence–and the comments made by those employees are relatively easy to search and often permanent. Understanding that link can help employees make smarter decisions about what they’re posting online.

Social media has become an intrinsic part of personal and professional life for many people. It’s up to employers to develop a clear plan for how they will manage situations when the lines between personal and professional start to blur.

Need advice on managing employees and Social Media?

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Schweigen impresses with a delightful spread

Schweigen impresses with a delightful spread

The Schweigen sponsored KBDi Chapter Events were a huge success, bringing members, sponsors, students and guests together to enjoy 3 nights to celebrate the year!

These events are an invaluable means of connecting with other designers and businesses to discuss opportunities, learn about the latest and greatest products, and to discover new & exciting technology to the kitchen and bathroom product market.

With KBDi representatives Ron Redman, Alan Gmeiner, Jane Tincey, and Greg Grant providing guests KBDi updates, all 3 events proved to be a truly insightful and enjoyable evening for all. Additionally, Schweigen’s Managing Director, Anthony Fletcher, kept members and guests up-to-date with the latest from the silent rangehood experts, including the brand new Schweigen Classic brochure (available to view here) and promotional brand video (watch here). 

All events kicked off with the SA Chapter, held at the stunning Schweigen IN. Showroom at Adelaide Appliance Gallery in St Peters. Guests were treated to a full table with an array of incredibly delicious food, all created by MKR Champion 2014, Bree May (catering by Food According to Bree). Additionally, we were delighted to Bree’s Cooking Demonstration of the traditional Spanish dish, Paella, where guests were able to experience the premium Schweigen IN. kitchen appliance range in action. Not to mention, Bree did not have to speak over a noisy rangehood – everyone could hear perfectly clear under the show-stopping Silent Paradigma Cassette Ceiling!

Consecutively, WA’s Chapter Event followed at Schweigen’s Perth Showroom, with decadent Asian-themed catering by local chef, Duncan Matthews. National Schweigen IN. brand manager, Pete McKee, took guests through an insightful talk-through of the premium range of silent rangehoods, in-built ovens, and cooktops.

Lastly, the Brisbane Chapter Event, hosted at the Brisbane Butler IN., was a truly enjoyable end to all the events. Guests were treated to the wonderful catering by Brisbane’s Beartown Coffee House & Catering and learned about KBDi’s new benefits to offer in 2019.

Other highlights include the lucky door prize draws, such as the Schweigen BR500 Silent Exhaust System, Universal Media donated Gift Pack & Subscription to a Universal Media Magazine. Additionally, two guests at Brisbane’s Chapter Event were pleasantly surprised to a 1-year KBDi Membership, kindly donated by Schweigen! 

A special thank you to all involved in the organisation of the events, and a huge thank you to all those who attended. Stay tuned for what’s in store for the year ahead at Schweigen – you may be pleasantly surprised…


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Beartown Coffee House & Catering:


Schweigen IN.:

Gas cooktops and clearances

Gas cooktops and clearances

Selecting a suitable splashback to sit behind a gas cooktop can be a big deal, and knowing how high to place the rangehood can cause some headaches, too.

Australian Standard AS/NZS 5601.1: 2013 Gas Installations sets out some specific requirements for adjoining material selection and clearances, along with the vertical space requirements between a gas cooktop and rangehood above.

KBDi’s Education Partner, Designer Training Australia, has drilled through the details and prepared a Technical Bulletin to help you make the right decisions. This document is available at no cost to all current financial members; to access your copy, simply complete the form below and we’ll get the information to your inbox.

Request for Technical Bulletin

Request for Technical Bulletin