Staron® Design Awards 2019 Open for Entries

Staron® Design Awards 2019 Open for Entries

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Austaron

Staron® Solid Surfaces is a quality surfaces material that is a leading product in the solid surface industry. The design versatility made possible by using Staron® is extensive, and we have seen some simple, creative and complex designs using the product nationally and internationally. Staron® has been used across the globe from small to large projects by some of the world’s leading designers and architects. To celebrate this design versatility, the Staron® Design Awards was created ten years ago, and the program has returned again in 2019.

The Staron® Design Awards are open to any designer, architect, developer, kitchen/bathroom designer, student or any other designer who has created a design project using Staron® Solid Surfaces. The awards have been designed to create exposure for students, designers and architects using Staron® in outstanding design. The aim is to recognise and celebrate beautiful design at all levels – from a young designer’s vision, who creates concepts and ideas all the way through to an experienced designer/architect who has been in the business for years. The program is open in three categories.

The Commercial category is open to any installed commercial/industrial project with a prize of $2000 cash plus marketing exposure for the winner.

The Residential category is open to any installed house/apartment project with a prize of $1000 plus marketing exposure for the winner.

The Concept category is open to any ‘idea’ or concept that has not been realised yet. This can be a drawing, graphic or sketch, with a prize of $250 plus marketing exposure.

The Staron® Design Awards 2019 open for entries on 1 June 2019 till 31st January 2020. Entry to the Staron® Design Awards is free and easy and can be made online at

Blum has the right fitting for thin furniture fronts

Blum has the right fitting for thin furniture fronts

A message from our Gold Sponsor, Blum

Blum has responded to the growing demand for design differentiation and customised furniture by developing an innovative fixing system for thin fronts for lift systems, doors and pull-outs. Making minimalist furniture design simple – EXPANDO T for thin fronts gives the freedom to create not only individual units, but an entire kitchen.

Easily combined materials

First in the Australian market, EXPANDO T is the complete thin front solution for lift systems, doors and drawers using a single fixing method.

Allowing for exceptional design ideas with unique fronts to be created and used throughout the home,

EXPANDO T is suitable for thin fronts of 8 mm – 14 mm in thickness and can be used on a range of materials including, MDF, chipboard, high-pressure laminate, mineral composite, concrete, stone, cement fibre board and ceramic.  

Innovative technique and simple functionality

With a fixed drilling diameter of 10mm and a drilling depth of just 6mm, no more 35mm cup drilling is required. Keeping things as simple as possible, assembly and adjustments can be done with ease – drill, insert and secure with screws delivering tried and tested Blum functionality.

Designs supported by quality products 

All Blum products are subject to comprehensive durability tests. This guarantees high stability and a long service life, giving you the confidence that your designs are supported with the highest of quality products to match your impressive designs.

Click here to find out more about Blum’s exciting and innovative solution for thin fronts EXPANDO T range.

The ‘icon’ Rettangolo generates a new work of art

The ‘icon’ Rettangolo generates a new work of art

To celebrate the 15 years of the Gessi Rettangolo Bathroom Range, Gessi has refreshed its Rettangolo range, which includes the launch of a new version of Rettangolo, Rettangolo K.

This beautiful new design showcases the classic square tapware design with a unique “K” shaped handle.

See the range today at your local Abey Selection Gallery.

Laminex and Dulux®: A colour partnership

Laminex and Dulux®: A colour partnership

A message from our Diamond Sponsor, Laminex

Two of Australia’s biggest design brands have launched a palette of paired colourways, so it’s now easier than ever to create seamless interiors.

A guiding principle for new product development at Laminex is to provide architects and designers with surface materials that work together seamlessly. Decorative boards with different properties can be specified in the same decors, for example, ABS edging is supplied in matching colours, and cohesive palettes are created across the Laminex and Essastone ranges to guide colour choice. Now, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Dulux, this philosophy extends to paint selection: thirty-one whites and neutrals and eleven accent colours from the Laminex range have been paired with equivalent colours from the Dulux paints range.

Laminex Design Marketing Manager Catherine Valente explains the rationale behind the initiative. “Laminex and Dulux are both industry-leading brands in colour and decor. In fact, Laminex laminates and Dulux paints are specified together more often than not,” she says. “So it made sense for us to help designers bring them together as seamlessly as possible.” 

Image: Laminex Lava Grey paired with Dulux Klute

A full palette of whites, neutrals and accent colours

The forty-two Laminex decors were selected to provide a spectrum of contemporary colours, beginning with whites. “Australia loves white, Dulux is known for its strength in whites and so is Laminex, so it was obviously a key colour to get right,” says Valente. “As part of our work on the new Laminex White Series, we identified a small number of gaps in depth and tone that needed to be filled in our range. In the Dulux palette, they corresponded to Dulux Lexicon®, Dulux Lexicon Half-Strength and Snowy MountainsQuarter, so we created three new decors to pair with them – Laminex Calm White, Laminex Chalk White and Laminex White Linen.” A fourth new white decor, Laminex French Cream, has been launched to pair with one of Australia’s most well-known whites, Dulux Hog Bristle®.

The rest of the palette, however, was built from within the existing Laminex range, with samples of each selected decor sent to Dulux so they could identify the paint colours that were closest in tone. As Michael Rowe, Manager – Colour Services at Dulux, explains, his team had no shortage of options to consider. “The Dulux World of Colour Atlas has 5,000 colours in it, so we can get very close to just about any colour,” he says. “The pairings we’ve achieved here are very good. We have a grading system for colour matches and these would all be at the high end of our scale.”

Image: Laminex Green Slate paired with Dulux Spiralina.

One of the highlights of the full palette is the presence of several solid-colour decors from the new Laminex Landscapes Series, including green neutral Laminex Seed paired with Dulux Still, grey neutral Laminex Spinifex paired with Dulux Coalition, and deep thundercloud-grey Laminex Stormcloud paired with Dulux Western Myall. The list of accent colours includes soft pastel Laminex Aquamarine paired with Dulux Icelandish Quarter, bright orange Laminex Mandarin paired with Dulux Exotic Flower and bold Laminex Pillarbox paired with Dulux Fiery Red.

Image: Laminex French Navy paired with Dulux Pacific Line

Tonal interiors palettes and complementary colours

The partnership comes at a time when there’s a strong design movement towards tonal interiors palettes, with matching colours applied to different surfaces. As Valente points out, the effect of these palettes in changing the perception of space and creating the illusion of continuity of materiality will now be much easier to achieve. “A slight shade difference between walls and surfaces can throw an entire project off, but that’s no longer an issue for these paired colourways,” she says. “All of the validation work has been done, so designers can specify their preferred Dulux colour and Laminex decor and be confident that they’ll work beautifully together.” And of course, this will come with all the advantages of using low-pressure melamine over alternatives such as painted cabinetry doors, particularly cost-effectiveness, suitability for largescale commercial projects, and superior durability and performance. 

Image: Laminex Just Rose paired with Dulux Lilac Hint

But the benefits aren’t confined to tonal interiors. Both Laminex and Dulux offer tools and guidance for building complementary palettes across multiple products. For Laminex, this includes everything from solid colours to woodgrains to Essastone engineered stone. So any of the paired laminates and paints can be the starting point for an entire colour scheme. And with Laminex and Dulux committed to expanding the palette of paired paints and laminates, these possibilities will only grow.

 Explore the full list of paired Laminex decors and Dulux paint colours here.

Functionality and aesthetics in design

Functionality and aesthetics in design

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Hettich

The link between design and quality of life has long been established, though the extent to which the former impacts the latter is still being investigated. Recently, tech giant HTC surveyed more than 2100 participants from seven countries, including Australia, China, the UK, and the USA. According to 29% of respondents, well-designed objects that were both beautiful and functional triggered positive emotions such as calmness and contentment.

Interior design is reflecting this, moving toward an increasingly minimal aesthetic that values subtlety, elegance, and the removal of clutter. Sliding doors – alongside handle-free drawer or cupboard door options – facilitate all of these characteristics, employing large surface fronts that act as a blank canvas for design creativity.

Offering designers unmatched design flexibility, sliding and folding doors can be specified in a virtually unlimited range of materials and finishes. From matte finish laminate to smooth, subtly reflective surfaces and even mirrored doors, sliding doors can be customised to suit any space. The sheer versatility of sliding door products on the market means that there is something to suit every budget and aesthetic.

Newer models of sliding door systems can also be specified so that
the panels sit flush with another when they are closed, and no gaps between panels are visible when they are in operation.

Similarly, the pared back design of many contemporary drawers and cupboard doors can be customised to meet the demands of a modern residential brief. Thanks to concealed components, smooth handleless fronts, and availability in a breadth of colours, textures, and finishes, cupboards and drawers can harmonise effortlessly with other interior elements, creating a unified, pleasing aesthetic.

Learn more about Hettich’s aesthetic (and supremely functional) products here.