Giving good feedback

Giving good feedback

A message from KBDi Training Partner, Redman Training & Development

Have you ever needed to tell another person how you really feel?

Perhaps you’ve been in a situation where a close friend consistently leaves you waiting when you arrange to meet at an agreed time and location. Of course, when they do eventually arrive, they are briefly apologetic, and perhaps to hide their embarrassment, they lead the conversation as though there had been no inconvenience to you, their friend.

In the context of work, you may find yourself in this situation often: when a Client has some pre-determined ideas that you know won’t be practical or aesthetically pleasing, you need to find a way to let them know gently. If a colleague is mishandling a project, it may be your job to get them back on track.

Regardless of the situation, many people avoid giving this kind of ‘feedback’, with underlying reasons such as:

  • avoiding conflict
  • not wanting to ‘rock the boat’
  • potentially losing a good friend or client, or creating tension at work

We may even justify our avoidance with self-talk along the lines of:

  • ‘It’s not really such a big deal…’ or
  • ‘Maybe I’ve done this, so who am I to complain?’

By not providing feedback, we’re essentially creating a range of new issues.

In the scenario of the friend who leaves you waiting: is your lack of feedback sending the message that you’re content to be treated this way, not only by this friend but by others as well? This can lead to resentment, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and in some cases, depression. Perhaps our friend is totally unaware of how their behaviour may be affecting us and others. By speaking up we give them the opportunity to recognise and change their behaviour.

In a client feedback situation, will staying silent mean you have more significant problems to deal with when the design fails or looks unappealing. Is this setting you up for a greater lose/lose situation?

When working with a team, will your lack of feedback set bad patterns for the colleague in question, or resentment from others in the team who may need to pick up the slack?

Delivering feedback well

“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.”

– Frank A. Clark

To avoid your presumed misgivings about delivering feedback, it’s essential to learn how to do so in such a way that the person receiving the feedback feels open to hearing it without becoming defensive. This results in a positive outcome for both yourself and your friend/client/colleague –  a win/win situation.

To learn more about giving and receiving feedback, book into the next KBDi Business Bootcamp Workshop. You’ll find upcoming dates and locations below, or check out our events calendar here.

This article was written by training partners Debra & Ron Redman from Redman Training & Development P/L

AIDT Tour 2020 – Bookings now open!

AIDT Tour 2020 – Bookings now open!

A message from our Silver Sponsor, The Kitchen & Bathroom Blog

AIDT is proud to announce its International Tour 2020 is now open for bookings. This 12-day International Design Tour will take in the latest releases in kitchen design, appliance technology, bathroom fittings and fixtures, the latest lighting concepts, and furniture design at Salone del Mobile, Eurocucina, FTK (appliances) and The International Bathroom Exhibition. Attendees will also enjoy immersive visits to sponsors Bisazza, Barazza and Gollinucci for a behind-the-scenes look into the design and manufacturing processes that bring these products to life. With evening events in Milan and visits to the renowned Milan design districts, plus time for some R&R in the amazing city of Verona and an incredible winery tour and tasting, this is an event not to be missed. Spaces on the tour are strictly limited and previous tours have sold out in weeks so act now to secure your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Full itinerary and inclusions can be found at where you can book online or download the booking form.

Blue Beauties

Blue Beauties

Colour therapists say that blue hues can produce positivity, productivity and efficiency, and who doesn’t need these three traits when they’re in their kitchen? We love the blues that made their way into this year’s KBDi Designer Awards, and share four of our faves in this feature.

Adelaide designer, Nathan Wundersitz CKD Au, used a stunning combination of midnight blue with an oh-so-pretty pink in this kitchen. Taubmans describe their ‘Black Flame’ hue as ‘a statement-making black, infused with an undertone of the deepest indigo to create an unashamedly chameleon-like colour’

Brisbane designer, Ashley Maddison, used Laminex ‘Deep Sea’ to great effect in this blue beauty. Brushed brass hardware sits beautifully against the sea-blue backdrop, and the prettily-patterned tiles add ‘blue and white delight’ to this character-filled kitchen.

Dulux ‘Superstar’ adds a bright-blue-bang to this beautiful kitchen by Melbourne designer, Vanessa Cook. This bold colour adds a contemporary twist to the more traditional, shaker-style cabinet doors, creating a vibrant yet homely space.

Dulux ‘Academic Blue’ was an intelligent choice for New South Wales designer, Andrew Wright CKD Au, CBD Au. We love the blue and white contrast of this small kitchen, and the brushed gold details that add the perfect hint of glamour.

Zigzags on show in KBDi Designer Awards 2019

Zigzags on show in KBDi Designer Awards 2019

Zigzag patterns proved popular again in this year’s KBDi Designer Awards program.

As you’ll see in the slideshow below, herringbone and chevron tile layouts added great interest and movement to some of the stunning kitchens and bathrooms lining up for prizes at next month’s Gala.

What’s the difference between chevron and herringbone?

Keen eyes will know not all zigzags are made the same. The chevron pattern forms a neat letter ‘v’, with the sharp point on repeat in walls and floors.

Herringbone, on the other hand, is a pattern formed when rectangular tiles are laid in a staggered zigzag pattern.

Albedor Industries proudly sponsor KBDi Traditional Design Award

Albedor Industries proudly sponsor KBDi Traditional Design Award

Albedor Industries are proud to be sponsoring the inaugural KBDi Traditional Design Award category in this KBDi Designer Awards program.

Submissions could be any residential space (kitchen, bathroom, powder room, library etc.) designed and decorated to reflect a particular architectural style. We were delighted with the response to this new category, and congratulate each of the finalists below.

Many thanks to Albedor Industries for their support – much appreciated!