Planero: Storage space design for those who love aesthetics

Planero: Storage space design for those who love aesthetics

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Vauth-Sagel

Planero is a high-quality tray shelving system, suitable for almost all fitting options. The components and furniture interior are directly impacted by the users’ aesthetic appeal and lifestyle. Although the technical components are barely visible, they simultaneously provide a seemingly magical feeling of comfort. As a well thought out and systematic product with the ability to perfectly organise storage space interiors, Planero fits seamlessly into Vauth-Sagel’s portfolio.

Flat design combines aesthetic appeal with comfort

“Planero is a great way to showcase how dynamic we are becoming”, says Claus Sagel. Basket variants have been part of the company’s core competencies for decades; historically, they were made from bent wire. Planero, with its flat design, demonstrates Vauth-Sagel’s breadth of material expertise. It meets the highest design requirements and adds a variant to the company’s storage portfolio which responds to the customer’s desire for personal expression. With Planero, Vauth-Sagel is reaffirming its position as a driving force behind comfort systems with high design and quality standards. The powder-coated steel plate formed around an inlaid wooden shelf results in a flat design with invisible suspension points. Planero combines the highest design standards with a practical feel and hygiene. For optimal cleaning, the inserted floors can be easily removed. The tray shelving system is available for almost all product groups, such as the tall cabinet VS TAL Larder, the new corner-unit solution, CORNERSTONE MAXX, and the VS COR Flex. Planero is available in three colours: champagne, lava grey, and silver.

Learn more about the complete Vauth-Sagel range of storage solutions here.

Feeling a little flat about your career?

Feeling a little flat about your career?

Although you may love your line of work, few people can get through a long-term career without bouts of boredom creeping in at one stage or another. Whether you’re a devoted designer, a busy-as builder or a motivated manufacturer, we’ve put together five ways you can bust your boredom without leaving your bread-and-butter industry.

#1 Up the Ante
Consider taking your game to the next level with a new qualification or accreditation. Are there particular areas of study that have always been on your wish list? Is there a course you could enrol in in 2020 that will add another feather to your cap? Could a KBDi Accreditation give you an edge (and some added post-nominals)? (Like to learn more about KBDi Accreditation? Email us today.)

#2 Share your stories
If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you may have plenty of stories to share that will inspire, inform or just entertain your clients or peers. Start a business blog if you haven’t already, or share your stories with Selina and we’ll take them to town.

#3 Take to the stage
If you’d rather talk than type, consider finding opportunities to speak to consumer groups or industry peers. Some of our Members are building incredible public profiles by taking advantage of the speaking opportunities that come their way, or seeking out special occasions to share their stories. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us and we’ll give you some tips.

#4 Mentor the next generation
While you may take for granted the long list of skills you’ve acquired throughout your career, a newbie to the industry may love the opportunity to tap into your knowledge and experience. If you don’t have staff or a team to mentor, but feel you’ve got something to share with up-and-coming peers, check out our mentoring program and let us know if you’d like to consider being part of our talented team.

#5 Get involved in the industry
If you love the field you work in and have high hopes for your industry, consider taking up a voluntary role in a relevant committee. KBDi counts on our local chapter committees to be the conduit between industry (Members) and us. If you’d like to express an interest in joining your local crew, or have aspirations to be a part of the KBDi Board, drop us a line and we’ll let you know how our committees and governance work.

And if you already have some ‘boredom buster’ ideas, we’d love you to share them below.

Fuelling your inspiration

Fuelling your inspiration

A message from our Training Partner, Redman Training & Development

Fuel provides the ability to propel a car forward like inspiration can propel a person to achieve success.

Filling my car with fuel recently, my mind began wandering about various topics. I thought of a friend who has been dealing with major health concerns. Her resolve to not give in – to find ways to return to good health and in the process inspire others to look at life with optimism rather than pessimism, love instead of hate, forgiveness over revenge, joy in place of anger, gratitude rather than expectations – is certainly inspiring. My thoughts took me to realising how I can often be inspired by people or events.

Attending the KBDi Symposium in Melbourne this year, participating in the various presentations and tours, I couldn’t help but be inspired by what I observed and what I was informed about in various forms and topics of professional advice or opinion. I was also inspired by people who are excelling in their chosen field or specialisation of developed skills.

Allowing myself to listen to others who have this specialised experience in their fields opened my mind to possibilities not yet considered or, being totally honest, believed could be considered.

I was being inspired.

I realised I was especially inspired by those presenters who spoke with passion and clarity. Their enthusiasm was infectious in good ways. Enthusiasm can certainly be inspiring.

Other inspirations I had were through observing KBDi members interact. They came together with other members and partners with warm greetings, welcoming smiles, even excitement at the opportunity to reconnect. Some were meeting members who had become friends over years of participating at these events, others meeting for the first time. Interestingly, there was no sign of being competitors, being guarded and elusive. What I observed was an atmosphere of greeting and respect. Of community.

This experience was inspirational and in its own way inspires me to participate and find the next level of professionalism to bring to our industry.

Education through attending Industry Forums, KBDi Chapter Events, Exhibitions such as the AWISA Exhibition in Sydney 2020, the EuroCucina Exhibition in Milan Italy in 2020 as well as Professional & Personal Development Workshops all have the potential to provide inspiration.

There are times when we deny ourselves inspiration by naively believing we “know it all”. We have “been there, done that”. “What could that experience provide me”?

There are times when we believe we are just too busy. Yet denying fresh inspiration carries the risk of getting stale, out of date, no longer appealing to our potential customers.

Alternatively, it has been my experience to welcome fresh ideas, alternative options, and expand my education. These opportunities often give me a fresh perspective providing the inspiration to search even further, gather more resources and expand successfully on the outcome. Inspiration has often fuelled my inspiration.

Filling my car with fuel propelled me to my next destination.

Inspiration may well be propelling you to your next outstanding achievement.


DesignerVeneer palette inspired by Australian outback

DesignerVeneer palette inspired by Australian outback

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Gunnersen

DesignerVeneer is a specially selected colour palette of thirteen veneers inspired by the Australian outback. Decorative veneer board uses timber in its most economical and environmentally sustainable form. Ideal for use as doors, partitions and other vertical surfaces, the DesignerVeneer range is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The thirteen colours range from light blondes to the deepest browns, handpicked to evoke the natural colours and feel of Australia. Lemon Myrtle has consistently been our best-seller, whilst Silver Cassia has recently risen in popularity in industrial design applications for the consistency of grey with the warmth of timber.

Boards can be delivered both raw and prefinished. Prefinished boards are ready to be cut and installed immediately. DesignerVeneer also has matching edging available – natural for raw boards, and ABS edging for the prefinished. The ABS edging is available both as cross and long grain for realistic finishes.

In addition to being one of the most environmentally conscious options for using the full timber log, DesignerVeneer is reconstructed from a range of timber species responsibly sourced and FSC® certified. With an E0 MDF substrate, DesignerVeneer produces less than 0.5mg/L of formaldehyde emissions, which is lower than the current Australian standard LPM board. Additional substrates with varying sizes and thicknesses are available, though the 19mm thick stocked range was chosen for ease in joinery.

See the full range of DesignerVeneer colours and finishes here.

Samples are available both in loose leaf veneer and as full fabricated examples. Call your rep to see the DesignerVeneer samples in person and to learn more about our range of solutions.

Who really needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Who really needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If you provide advice to your customers – like how to layout a kitchen, for example – a mistake or misunderstanding around the advice you give could see you facing a legal claim.

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is essential for those who offer design advice as part of their service. PI insurance covers an ‘act, error or omission in design or specification’, and provides both you and your client with great peace of mind.

Doesn’t my Public Liability (PL) Insurance cover this?

If you charge fees for your service and advice, most (if not all) public liability policies will exclude claims for injury or damage that may arise from a breach of your professional duty. You’ll need professional indemnity coverage to respond to such claims.

How is a Professional Indemnity (PI) claim triggered?

A public liability claim can only be triggered if there is third party injury or property damage. A professional indemnity claim, on the other hand, can be instigated by a financial loss to your client or a third party contractor as a consequence of an error or omission that’s deemed to be a breach of your professional duties.

We’ve worked closely with our insurance partners, CMIB, to tailor a combined Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Policy specifically suited to professionals in the interior design industry, including the niche areas of kitchen and bathroom design. We’ve negotiated a Master Policy exclusive to KBDi Members, meaning we’ve leveraged our group buying power to get you the best cover at the best price.

If you’re already a KBDi Member, complete the online quote application here. If you’re not yet a Member but are interested in learning more, contact our office today.