Guests at this week’s PD Thursday videoconference enjoyed a guided tour of the Dulux Colour Forecast of 2020.

As the Colour and Communications Manager for DuluxGroup, Andrea Lucena-Orr researches colour trends across the globe and presents her findings to media, trade and retail markets. In this professional development session, proudly supported by Lincoln Sentry, Andrea shared the four trends designers should be keeping their eyes on in the year ahead.

The ‘Essence’ forecast has been grouped into four colour movements:

  • Grounded – a simple neutral palette filled with plenty of warmth

Selina’s top takeaway: be ready for more brown-based whites and neutrals, and make sure your highlight whites (for trim, details etc.) are more neutral than cool.

  • Comeback – colours to blend contemporary design with vintage style

Selina’s top takeaway: introduce vintage or Persian rugs to your interiors, and play with the colours within the textiles.

  • Cultivate – a tonal green palette to nurture and regenerate

Selina’s top takeaway: play with ‘tone on tone’ – pick your favourite hue and watch the colour change in various lights and tones.

  • Indulge – cocoon yourself in this immersive and opulent palette

Selina’s top takeaway: encourage your clients to add nostalgia or romance to their bedrooms or nooks with some luscious colours. 

View the entire forecast here and add your own top takeaway to the comments below.

Huge thanks to Andrea Lucena-Orr for her incredible insights, and to our friends at Lincoln Sentry for making it happen.