KBDi Accreditation Marking Sheet (BATHROOM)

Name of ASSESSOR(Required)
Name of APPLICANT(Required)
[Name of folder/files]

Section 1 | Design Brief & Design Statement

Design brief offers clear and concise explanation of client brief and site parameters
Design statement offers clear and concise explanation of how the requirements of the client brief were met and how challenges associated with the brief and site parameters were overcome
[if applicable or appropriate]

Section 2 | Design & Innovation

[High score: use of space (including how the bathroom relates to adjoining rooms/areas) is both practical and innovative.]
[High score: overall design aesthetic is balanced and harmonious.]
[High score: material, colour and finish selection is appropriate and cohesive.]
[High score: design demonstrates originality and flair.]
[if applicable or appropriate]

Section 3 | Layout

Entry/exit doors to the bathroom do not conflict upon opening (i.e. doors to not swing onto other fixtures etc.)
Shower doors, cabinet doors and drawers within the space do not conflict upon opening
Sufficient space has been allowed for between/in front of fixtures (for accessibility and showering/bathing/drying)
Shower meets or exceeds minimum shower size of 0.8 m2 (excluding any seating area)
Access to bath/shower/spa is safe and practical
Shower space includes accessible storage for soap, shampoo etc.
Taps are accessible from outside of bath and shower and clear of water source (i.e. spray from shower or flow from spout)
Adequate bench space has been allocated alongside basin
Adequate storage space has been allocated for proposed use (single user/multiple users etc.)
Toilet roll holders, towel rails and storage shelves are positioned in safe, practical and accessible locations
Sharp, hard corners have been avoided
Overall layout is functional, with adequate space around, between and within zones
[if applicable or appropriate]

Section 4 | Compliance

Electrical outlets and switches are positioned well away from water receptacles, in accordance with AS3000
Adequate and appropriate task and general lighting has been considered
Lighting selections and positioning meet the requirements of AS 3000
Floor wastes have been indicated on floor plan and meet the requirements of ABCB Housing Provisions
Material selections comply with AS 3740
Mechanical ventilation/extraction has been provided
Natural lighting and ventilation are in accordance with the minimum requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC)
[High score: applicant has met all significant requirements set out above.]
[if applicable or appropriate]

Section 5 | Specifications

Fixtures and fittings (sanitary ware, tapware, hardware, lighting etc.) - specifications include:
Finishes and colours - specifications include:
Room finishes - specifications include:
[High score: specifications are clearly set out, comprehensive and error free.]
[if applicable or appropriate]

Section 6 | Plans, Elevations and Pictorial View

Plan set includes:
Floor plans include:
Elevations and/or sections include:
Mechanical (or services) plans include:
Pictorial views (3D or perspective sketches):
[High score: accurately depicts project requirements and facilitates accurate estimating by manufacturers/builders.]
[if applicable or appropriate]
[High score: accurately depicts project requirements and facilitates accurate estimating by manufacturers/builders.]
[if applicable or appropriate]