In a tightly battled contest for the title of KBDi Australian Certified Designer of the Year 2018, Adelaide designer Tania Kloester (TK Design) came a very close second to the winner and was awarded a High Commendation for her efforts.

In recognition of her accolade, KBDi sponsors AIDT (Australian International Design Tours) generously offered Tania a whopping $2,000 credit to be allocated to a place on the AIDT 2019 Tour.

The Tour will take Tania to the incredible ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany; touted as the trendsetting fair for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating and air-conditioning technology and intelligent home systems, ISH is a must-do event for committed bathroom designers.

(The AIDT tour will be officially launched on 1 July; to be first in line for details, follow them on facebook here.)

Congratulations to Tania for a well-deserved win, and big thanks to AIDT for their ongoing support of Australia’s Finest kitchen and bathroom designers.

What the judges had to say about Tania’s winning entry:
In a very hotly contested competition for the title of KBDi Australian Certified Designer of the Year, the judging panel deemed this designer’s work well and truly worthy of a high commendation. The judges applauded the extraordinary standard of work delivered in two kitchen entries: with very considered space planning, creative design resolutions and exceptional documentation, the designer is commended for her professionalism and talent.