You may or may not remember that a particular bathroom entry caught the eye of our Executive Director, Royston Wilson, last year. The designer behind this entry had a brief that would be challenging to many – she needed to create a bathroom space that would be both visually stunning and optimally planned to accommodate wheelchair access and mobility. 
Kerrie Richardson CBD Au (Lux Interiors, WA) earned the inaugural prize at our 2020 virtual gala and inspired an all-new category for 2021. 

Design for All Abilities Award

Who can enter?
Entrants must be current financial Members of KBDi, with the following category of Membership:
  • Associate Designer Member OR
  • Designer Member OR
  • Certified Designer Member (CKD Au and/or CBD Au)
What is ‘Design for all Abilities’?
Entries may be of any residential kitchen or bathroom designed to accommodate the particular needs of a defined demographic or disability.   
The submission brief should set out the specific requirements of the client. The statement and documentation must demonstrate how the design responds to the client’s needs in a thoughtful, safe and compliant manner.
What should your entry include?
Each entry must include:
  • design brief (150 words maximum – refer to Judging Criteria)
  • design statement (350 words maximum – refer to Judging Criteria)
  • ‘existing’ plan (indicating the layout of existing pre-designed space)
  • plans and elevations (refer to Judging Criteria)
  • specification of fixtures, fittings, appliances (where applicable), sanitary and tapware (where applicable), cabinet and room finishes (refer to Judging Criteria)
  • concept presentation (i.e. method in which you communicated your design intent to your clients, via computer-generated 3-D view, hand-drawn sketch and/or mood boards with rendered elevations.) Please note that digitally-edited photographs of the finished space will not be accepted. The purpose of this inclusion is to demonstrate to the judging panel how you presented your concept. 
  • photographs of each view of the designed space, provided in digital format within the PowerPoint presentation.  Please refer to About Photograph Submissions for further information.
  • two high-resolution digital images supplied as separate files, suitable for publication. Please refer to About Photograph Submissions for further information.
If you have a project that meets our criteria, we would love to see it in our 2021 line up. Download your entry pack here, or email for more information.