Blum’s versatile range of lift systems extends the scope of design for lift systems in almost every application in the entire home. Blum’s AVENTOS lift systems bring enhanced convenience to modern kitchens, allowing ease of motion and proving the ideal solution for any wall cabinet.

Diverse in application and design

With proven stability and elegant design, AVENTOS lift systems are ergonomic and attractive. With the ever-growing trend for handle-less furniture designs, they’re a sought-after design solution for both designers and homeowners.

Blum’s AVENTOS range offers a multitude of applications – not just in the kitchen but throughout the home. Whether you need a bi-fold, up and over, the lift up or stay lift – Blum has the right lift systems for virtually any application. No matter what height, width or material, AVENTOS lift systems provide countless design possibilities.

Inspiring Convenience

For opening with ultimate ease and soft and effortless closing, AVENTOS Lift Systems can be combined with Blum’s motion technologies: BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON.

Unsurpassed Quality

A comprehensive durability test that comprises of more than 80,000 opening and closing cycles is one of the many quality tests performed on the AVENTOS lift system, guaranteeing a high quality of functionality for the lifetime of the furniture.

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