KBDi Affiliate Member, Sharron Tancred of Tailored Artworks, is a Brisbane-based artist on a mission to incorporate art into everyday design. In this feature, Sharron shares how small bathrooms can be given a big boost with murals.

We all know that homeowners are renovating bathrooms more so than kitchens. While some renovators will brave darker tiles, safe neutrals prevail for with most bathrooms being small, they’ve been taught light neutrals will create the illusion of more space; but, at what cost for can you, as designers, give your clients neutrals and create the illusion of more space as well as a point of difference? 

How can your work stand out? How can you stay inspired? You want your ideas to enhance any architectural style and maybe create or expand a theme for an inviting sense of relevance, warmth and, ultimately, value.

Aside from hand-painted art the old fashioned way onto your clients’ bathroom walls, UV printing technology is allowing us to print large format on any stiff substrate up to 2480 x 1290 x 100mms thick. UV Prints directly onto tiles, glass, fibre cement board, galvo and even stone and timber bench tops!  Once thrice laminated, the surface is incredibly durable suitable for printing art onto bathroom wall and floor tiles, even those with an existing texture!  Artwork can be flat or even texture printed up to 3mm thick to replicate the appearance of real paint.

Printing art onto glass is suitable for kitchen splashbacks, as divider screens, on cabinetry glass, or even on mirrors! On divider screens, you will have the beauty of art seen in both directions.  While UV printing is not suitable on glass in wet areas, as longevity cannot be guaranteed, its uses are as wide as your imagination! Of course, art can be printed onto any size tiles and delivered to your client’s door.

Mosaic is another art form worth considering for baths, spas, showers and splashback features.  For some designs the old fashioned mosaic style may suit, however there are more modern applications.  Neat, modern mosaic tiles are 9mmssquare of real tile that will endure the harshest treatment. This is a product that’s fabulous for complicated spaces as the tiny tiles can cover all surfaces.  Juxtapose the detail with large tiles for effect.  Art can be created out of these 57 colours simply by digitally fitting artwork to a photo of your space, editing it to suit, creating a flat pack version for our suppliers and having the artwork digitised into the colours ready for mechanical placement onto mesh, boxing and shipment to your client’s door!

While we know large tiles create the illusion of space, so can art! Why? 

Art imbued with perspective, leads the eye into an-otherworldly space and dreamier atmosphere than plain tiles – creating theme! Colours that recede, i.e. whites, greens, yellows, blue-violets and I believe blacks too, create the illusion of space. 

As you know, shape is important within small spaces as many small shapes can appear overwhelming in small spaces with excessive accessories.  The beauty of art is that large shapes and lines indicate a perspective, which when rendered in the above hues and contrasted with a  neutral provide perfect balance. 

Artwork with line can lead the eye deeper into a space and align with the physical structures of the bathroom to imbued a peaceful and streamlined sanctuary to soak and refresh.  The beauty of Tile Murals is that panels of artwork can also be intersected by gorgeous tile borders, which can be custom printed or sourced, to lead the eye and create connections within the bathroom.

Artwork typically has a sense of light too! In custom jobs, light can be positioned to suit the space’s actual light source so that the art and the bathroom’s natural ambience correlate into one beautiful experience.

So, consider artwork printed onto tiles, glass, as a handpainted mural or mosaic with your next small bathroom design. You will achieve a point of difference, the illusion of more space and a magical theme that will relate to the architecture and your client.

For more see www.tailoredartworks.com.au or call Sharron Tancred on 3491 6400