A message from our Corporate Partner, Compusoft

The bathroom industry has come a long way. Products are continuing to enhance in design, efficiency, improved quality of materials, and adding technology.

The bathroom is no longer just a place to take care of our bodies – it’s a sanctuary. A place of relaxation, renewal, and joy. Form is now just as important as function and our industry is now focussed just as much on design, as practicality.

We need a way to help our customer make decisions on their bathroom design. What product works best for their home’s colour palate, their bathroom layout, their tastes and the moods they wish to invoke.

Innoplus, from Compusoft is your new companion to make this happen.

Compusoft’s flagship bathroom design planning software can make your customer’s dreams a ‘virtual reality’ to help them decide on design, layout and product selection before a single tile is laid.

  • Bring your customer’s dream bathroom design with Compusoft’s library of more than 1000 local and international bathroom and tile brands and photo-realistic render.
  • Save countless hours of shifting through catalogues and mood-boards – change colour, styles and finishes with just a few clicks.
  • Finish the job to perfection with instant creation of building measures and plans – including tile layouts – and a list of all the products with their codes for easy ordering.

To watch a video of Innoplus in action, find out more information or request a demo, visit our website at https://www.compusoftgroup.com/products/innoplus/