A message from our Silver Sponsor, Staron

The most used surface in the kitchen is the benchtop. Consider this when selecting your benchtop surface, and opt for a product that is durable as well as beautiful. Staron®Solid Surfaces is made of safe natural minerals and blended with pure acrylic to create a premium seamless surface solution suitable for endless applications around the home including the kitchen and even in wet areas such as the bathroom.

Staron®is non-porous in nature which means that no stain will be able to penetrate into the surface, so staining ingredients such as wine and curry powder will never be a problem and can easily be wiped away. Because of this nature, the surface of Staron®is also renewable which means every wipe to the surface will rejuvenate it.

The joining properties of solid surface also mean that it has no open joins, so it can create long and wide continuing surfaces that flow into splashbacks and waterfall edges that look and perform as one piece of surface.

Staron®also has a range of solid surface sinks and basins meaning that the benchtop can continue into the kitchen sink or bathroom vanity with no dirt trapping crevices that allow a one wipe flow from the benchtop into the sink.

Solid surface also offers versatility in design possibilities, so Staron®can be moulded into shapes, cut, inlaid, routed or sandblasted. It also extends to limitless edge profiles and drop down edges. Selected colours of Staron®are translucent offering backlighting as a special feature in your design.

With no grout lines in sight, Staron®is also very easy to clean and maintain – making it the perfect surface solution for wet areas such as shower walls and floors.

Staron®has a colour collection of over 80 colours to select from, including the new Supreme collection that adopts the look of stone while having the performance benefits of solid surface.

Staron®Solid Surfaces is Eco-Specifier certified, Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified and is free from harmful silica which means that you will have the peace of mind that you are creating a safe and healthy home for your family that is also beautiful aesthetically. 

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