An elegant tall cabinet is the gateway to a good kitchen life. Tall cabinets make the best use of space and are convenient, gentle on the back and ergonomic. With its VS TAL range, Vauth-Sagel offers a number of different types of tall cabinet – some models are even suitable for narrow gaps and small opening angles.

Now Vauth-Sagel has upped the bar again for its leading technology: the VS TAL Larder pull-out tall cabinet can now be enhanced with PAM – the new Power-Assisted Movement system that is in a world of its own in terms of comfort. For the new VS TAL Larder generation, this means a first-rate opening damping effect in addition to the tried-and-tested closing damping effect. The new VS TAL Gate pull-out pantries come in a new design, which almost totally conceals the upper runner.

The new solutions had to fulfil several requirements: they had to provide greater comfort, be quieter when in motion and allow the manufacturer to set itself apart from the competition thanks to the unique functionality. The result is a pull-out tall cabinet with a new name – VS TAL Larder – and an impressive range of innovations. This is the embodiment of the state-of-the-art pull-out for the immediate future. It is owed to something Vauth-Sagel is calling PAM. The acronym stands for Power-Assisted Movement system and provides the user with uniquely convenient functionality. The PAM opening damping effect is used exclusively with synchronised lower runners. The three runner profiles are connected via steel wires. This system can be combined with standard ball bearings to ensure the runners move quietly and securely throughout the entire operating cycle. Furthermore, the VS TAL Larder is equipped with a hydraulic soft-close, which protects the opening from stops and rebounding. With this new feature, Vauth-Sagel has developed one of the first “pharmacy” drawer runners with a complete heavy-duty hydro soft-close system. The new developments for the VS TAL Larder have been combined with an optional opening damping effect.