If there’s one upside to the Corona-catastrophe of 2020, it’s that Australia’s finest designers had some time to reflect on the value of entering industry awards, and – wowsers! – they brought the goods.

We closed our competition on Monday, 1 June, and have just finished tallying the numbers. (This is a tough task to get through quickly – too much eye candy for a design-lover!)

Following is a wrap up of the most exciting stats in our BEST-YEAR-EVER Awards program.

  • Victoria has long held the record for the highest number of entries, but this year they were met with some serious competition from New South Wales. The two states accounted for 60% of entries (30% each). Queenslanders were the next in line, making up 18% of this year’s count.
  • Large Kitchens is traditionally our biggest category, but this year Australia’s finest designers have been churning out some spectacular small bathrooms, it would seem! The Small Bathroom category accounted for 22% of all entries. Kitchens Plus took second place with 17% of submissions, and Large Kitchens came in at third place with 14% of entries.
  • And the most impressive statistic of all: a whopping 40% of entrants are newbies in the KBDi Designer Awards program. Our First Time Entrants award is going to be HUGE this year!

A record-breaking year is brilliant for KBDi, but even better for our broader design community. Why? Well, there’s this:

And then there is the value the entrants get in putting themselves through the process of entering. This quote by a first time entrant sums it up pretty succinctly, and reminds us that we’re doing good:

Can’t wait to see all the amazing entries. It’s been a great learning experience thus far, so I feel like we have already won!

Huge thanks to all of those who entered this year. We wish you the best of luck, and can’t wait to celebrate your success.