Darker furniture offers a contemporary and sophisticated look to furniture designs throughout the home. This trend is bold, creates drama and unsurpassed luxury and has a significant presence in modern kitchen designs. Often the kitchen design influences the design style of modern day homes where open plan layouts merge the kitchen with dining and living areas. Many interior designers have been specifying darker colour palettes with the trend influencing the increase of dark feature kitchens.

Blum has responded to this demand with a comprehensive range of darker fittings. LEGRABOX pure in Terra Black Matt combined with CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black integrates harmoniously with darker furniture, offering an elegant solution for high quality furniture.

Designers can implement concepts in dark shades, or introduce dark contrasts to light-coloured cabinets. The dark colour variants create more possibilities for a uniform colour consistency between front, cabinet and fittings and a greater opportunity for differentiation across the home.

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