A message from our Gold Sponsor, Blum

Blum has responded to the growing demand for design differentiation and customised furniture by developing an innovative fixing system for thin fronts for lift systems, doors and pull-outs. Making minimalist furniture design simple – EXPANDO T for thin fronts gives the freedom to create not only individual units, but an entire kitchen.

Easily combined materials

First in the Australian market, EXPANDO T is the complete thin front solution for lift systems, doors and drawers using a single fixing method.

Allowing for exceptional design ideas with unique fronts to be created and used throughout the home,

EXPANDO T is suitable for thin fronts of 8 mm – 14 mm in thickness and can be used on a range of materials including, MDF, chipboard, high-pressure laminate, mineral composite, concrete, stone, cement fibre board and ceramic.  

Innovative technique and simple functionality

With a fixed drilling diameter of 10mm and a drilling depth of just 6mm, no more 35mm cup drilling is required. Keeping things as simple as possible, assembly and adjustments can be done with ease – drill, insert and secure with screws delivering tried and tested Blum functionality.

Designs supported by quality products 

All Blum products are subject to comprehensive durability tests. This guarantees high stability and a long service life, giving you the confidence that your designs are supported with the highest of quality products to match your impressive designs.

Click here to find out more about Blum’s exciting and innovative solution for thin fronts EXPANDO T range.