Leading Kitchen Designers and Manufacturers from throughout Europe exhibited their latest designs at Eurocucina, the benchmark exhibition at a global level. The exhibition showcases high quality products, not simply highlighting the latest in contemporary kitchens but also providing interesting and intriguing insights into the planning and evolution of trends for kitchen design.

Throughout the displays it was clear that there was a desire for new finishes and exploration of using different materials on drawer and door fronts. There was not a white cabinet carcass in sight.

With the inside counting as much as the outside, there was a display of cabinetry that had glass doors or decorative glass doors, so that the inside could be seen. LEGRABOX drawers provided the colour and design that helped extend the aesthetic beauty of the outside of the kitchen to the inside whilst the CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black, merged into the sleekness of the darker interiors.

Impressive design, deserves quality hardware and Eurocucina 2018, demonstrated this with Blum’s extensive representation of LEGRABOX, AVENTOS Lift Systems and CLIP top BLUMOTION.

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