A message from our Gold Sponsor, Blum

The next generation in lift system technology is now available from Blum. With a new look and feel, the lift mechanism is best described as beautiful inside and out.

AVENTOS HK top is smaller in size than previous versions and harmonises beautifully with cabinet interiors thanks to its sleek look, straight lines, smooth surfaces and clean-cut design.

Choose light grey, silk white or dark grey

Placing a greater focus on the design of the furniture, AVENTOS HK top is installed close to the top panel. Its minimalist cover caps are available in light grey, dark grey and white, allowing for the lift system to either blend into the cabinets inner side, or to add a deliberate contrast.

Supporting handle-less designs with Blum’s motion technology 

Suitable for a variety of cabinets, AVENTOS HK top comes with soft-close BLUMOTION as standard, or it can be equipped with Blum’s mechanical TIP-ONopening support system to compliment
handle-less designs. With just a touch to the front, the cabinet front will open so that it can be easily moved up and out of the way.

SERVO-DRIVE, Blum’s electric motion support system will be available in the first quarter of 2020.

Thin fronts measuring 8 mm to 14 mm

When combined with Blum’s EXPANDO T, thin fronts can be easily implemented with AVENTOS HK top. Allowing for exceptional design ideas with unique fronts to be created and used throughout the home, our thin front solution can be used on a range of materials including, MDF, chipboard, high-pressure laminate, mineral composite, concrete, stone, cement fibre board and ceramic.

Practical and ergonomic access to cabinet contents

No matter what the application, wall cabinet lift systems beat conventional kitchen doors in many ways. With the cabinet front moving up and out of the way, everything within the cabinet is in easy reach, giving furniture users better access and workflows in your designs.

AVENTOS HK top has already won several awards thanks to its easy installation and minimalist design, click here to find out more.