Blum offers fitting ideas that inspire both enthusiasts and advocates of special solutions alike. The introduction of CABLOXX locking system and CLIP top BLUMOTON in onyx black allow you to carry unique design ideas through to furniture interiors.

CABLOXX and CLIP top BLUMOTION can be harmoniously integrated into furniture providing greater scope and design freedom for high quality furniture in the kitchen and throughout the home.

CABLOXX extends the range of applications for Blum’s Box and Runner systems, offering an additional layer of security and freedom to individualise premium furniture that requires locking throughout the home, office, shop or bathroom and laundries.

CABLOXX can be colour coordinated with the respective Box system with the locking bracket available in three colour variants. For opening ease and silent and effortless closing, CABLOXX is compatible with Blum’s motion technologies extending the possibilities for handle-less furniture design to lockable furniture.

Featuring built-in tip protection alongside its secure closing function; CABLOXX guarantees a greater scope for planning and safety when using freestanding furniture, making it possible to introduce freestanding furniture design in a variety of areas.

Complementing Blum’s range of CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges, the addition of the new CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black to the product range supports the ever-increasing demands in terms of style and design for high quality furniture.

Supporting the trend towards darker furniture, the onyx black hinge variant integrates harmoniously into darker cabinets making it possible for a uniform colour consistency between the exterior and interior of the cabinet. For more information on CABLOXX or CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black, contact your local Blum representative or visit