With 80 years of combined industry experience, Lincoln Sentry’s National Specification team are armed and ready to offer you the most practical hardware solutions for your projects.

If you’ve been joining in on the KBDi videoconferences, you’ll know the Specification team are regularly on board. Peter, Deborah and Janene are committed to keeping up with industry activity and staying ahead of the trends, and they’re always eager to offer support to KBDi Members.

With their comprehensive product knowledge and incredibly useful inside-information (they know all the functional design tricks!), the National Specification team has the know-how you need to get your projects fitted out to perfection.

Use the links below to contact your local rep, and make sure you ask to be added to their all-new eNews mailing list (where they’ll be sharing a seasonal update on Lincoln Sentry’s impressive product lines).


Peter Foote

Specification Manager NSW / ACT / WA

Mobile: 0466 390 795 | Email: peter.foote@lincolnsentry.com.au


Deborah Kercheval

Specification Manager VIC / SA / TAS

Mobile: 0439 214 145 | Email: deborah.kercheval@lincolnsentry.com.au


Janene Stanley

Specification Manager QLD / NT

Mobile: 0439 214 194 | Email: janene.stanley@lincolnsentry.com.au