KBDi Chapter Sponsors, E & S Trading and Spartan Electrical, joined forces to shout KBDi members to a fantastic lunch and entertaining session at Adelaide’s ‘Sprout’.

MasterChef fans enjoyed seeing All Stars winner, Callum Hann, in action in the kitchen, alongside his partner in cooking, Themis Chryssidis. The pair put on a fabulous show while cooking up a storm, and shared their top loves and loathes about the kitchens they visit with their travelling cooking school.

They encouraged designers to ensure that the kitchens they create are practical, workable spaces that don’t make cooking any more difficult than it needs to be. The pair believe quick, easy, healthy food should be able to be prepared without fear of mess-making, and shared their top tips for creating easy-to-cook-in kitchens:

Sink Spaces

While many homeowners love the idea of having a sink in the island bench, facing their family and living areas, the practicality of this is iffy. Few people can relax and enjoy their meal with a pile of dirty dishes taking pride of place, and this can deter many home cooks from pulling out the pots and pans in the first place!


Accomplished cooks can master gas, but relative newbies may struggle. Themis and Callum love the ease and consistency of cooking with induction, and suggest selecting this alternative for less experienced cooks.


While they’re the first to admit that glass and mirrored splashbacks can be stunning to look at, Callum and Themis confessed that they can make an eager cook very nervous! A couple of splashes of butter or oil can mess up a mirror in minutes, giving less enthusiastic cooks one more reason to choose take away!

Pots and Pans

Callum and Themis suggest that designers always ask their clients if they have any favourite pots and pans, and what their preferences are if they’re planning to buy new equipment. If the client has a Le Creuset that they love to use, or a frypan they can’t bear to part with, you’ll want to make sure you pick a cooktop that will accommodate them.

Reach Rule

The pair have often been surprised at the vast areas of ‘lost space’ in the centre of large island benchtops. If the cook can’t get to the centre of the island, and the guests on the other side are out of reach range, too, you may want to consider paring back the depth of your bench to accommodate a more ‘inclusive’ and practical layout.

The session was wrapped up with a delicious lunch and plenty of good Adelaide wine. Huge thanks to E & S Trading and Spartan Electrical for allowing our Symposium guests to experience Sprout!