Your post-sale strategy and why it matters

Your post-sale strategy and why it matters

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

In such a competitive market place, you can’t deny the importance of a post-sales strategy. No matter the industry, a post-sale process guarantees you are continuing to meet the customer’s expectations well after the sale has been made. Providing a point of difference with your service and leading to a competitive edge over your competition is the goal. 

What are some of the benefits of using a Post Sale Strategy?

  • An increase in sales
  • The loyalty of your customers
  • An improvement in your performance
  • A point of difference from your competitors


Let’s take a quick look at some of the techniques you can implement as part of your post-sale-process.

Thank your Customer

After your customer has just made a purchase, they deserve a thank you by sending an automated email or a thank you note added to the delivered product. You make the customer’s experience more enjoyable and show they have chosen well by doing business with you or your company. In addition, with the name of a person to contact in case of questions, you reassure the customer that your company is doing everything they can.

Contact your Customer After 1-2 Weeks

One to two weeks after the purchase, it is advantageous to contact your customer to ask them if they are satisfied, received good service or if they have any questions. This contact serves as only a mark of attention, not to sell them more. The goal is to acknowledge the appreciation of the product or service sold.

Maintain Communication

You can continuously maintain communication with your customer’s by sending an e-newsletter to inform them about topics that affect them, or by offering information through articles, videos, guides and social media to help advise them on needs. You will show, by maintaining communication, your professionalism and expertise. If you give them all the information they need, they will be less likely to go elsewhere.


Ask for Recommendations

If your customer appreciates you, there is no reason not to recommend you. Happy customers will be eager to help you offer your services or products to those around them. 

Bathroom Visualisation with Innoplus from Compusoft

Bathroom Visualisation with Innoplus from Compusoft

A message from our Corporate Partner, Compusoft

The bathroom industry has come a long way. Products are continuing to enhance in design, efficiency, improved quality of materials, and adding technology.

The bathroom is no longer just a place to take care of our bodies – it’s a sanctuary. A place of relaxation, renewal, and joy. Form is now just as important as function and our industry is now focussed just as much on design, as practicality.

We need a way to help our customer make decisions on their bathroom design. What product works best for their home’s colour palate, their bathroom layout, their tastes and the moods they wish to invoke.

Innoplus, from Compusoft is your new companion to make this happen.

Compusoft’s flagship bathroom design planning software can make your customer’s dreams a ‘virtual reality’ to help them decide on design, layout and product selection before a single tile is laid.

  • Bring your customer’s dream bathroom design with Compusoft’s library of more than 1000 local and international bathroom and tile brands and photo-realistic render.
  • Save countless hours of shifting through catalogues and mood-boards – change colour, styles and finishes with just a few clicks.
  • Finish the job to perfection with instant creation of building measures and plans – including tile layouts – and a list of all the products with their codes for easy ordering.

To watch a video of Innoplus in action, find out more information or request a demo, visit our website at

How COVID 19 has shaped the new world

How COVID 19 has shaped the new world

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

We are all in uncharted waters at the moment, as businesses look to adapt to the new way of doing business from afar thanks to COVID-19. The majority of businesses have moved entire workforces online to continue trading using different technology and software to keep connected.

The leaders of the world have done the best they can in assisting businesses in such extreme situations through methods of tax relief, rent relief or an injection of cash to assist cash flow and keep workers on the books.

The question is as leaders and business owners what’s your next move when the sun shines again, and the world recovers, how will you do things differently or better.

So, how do you undertake a “customer first” experience placing your customers’ needs front and centre in the age of COVID-19? It’s not as difficult as you think. It may require more input in the short-term for your company, but it will pay off dividends in the long-term if you do it right.

One word that comes to mind when we think of a customer-first approach, empathy.

What is empathy?

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

So how do we use empathy to shape our value proposition?

Potentially the most important aspect of your branding and all of your communications, your value proposition defines the underlying message that all of your service’s and accompanying marketing should be given no matter whether you are in the kitchen design software space, manufacturing or any other type of service.

Put simply, defining your value proposition means asking yourself the question, “what is it that my company is giving to my ideal customer/user?”

This is where user research comes in. Through actually talking to your customers in focus groups, surveys and asking questions through EDM’s and taking note of general behaviour of your customers you can assess what their pain points are, as well as how they’re currently solving their problem. Armed with these insights, you can relatively easily identify exactly what your company brings to the table.

Having condensed this value proposition into one sentence, you can use it to structure all of your marketing strategy and your digital narrative. After all, you know exactly what you’re selling and, most importantly, why you are selling it.

Your value proposition will become the consistent starting point for everything you create, all thanks to having a bit of empathy.

Pytha Partners congratulate KBDi Finalists

Pytha Partners congratulate KBDi Finalists

KBDi Corporate Partners, Pytha Partners Australia, were thrilled to see a number of PYTHA customers on the shortlist, and congratulate each and every entrant on their well-earned achievement.

In this feature, Pytha Partners are sharing an ‘up close and personal’ look at one of the KBDi finalists, with a collaborative entry submitted by Catherine Young and Brett Patterson (The Renovation Broker).

The owners of this apartment had big expectations for a very small space. As is often the case in apartment renovations, the Body Corporate added complications to the brief, too. Designer Catherine Young rose to the challenge, though, and came up with a complete reinvention of the existing layout to accommodate the clients’ comprehensive brief.

The new design required the removal of walls, and the conversion of an ensuite to a combined kitchen-laundry space. Both Catherine Young and Brett Patterson (The Renovation Broker) are old-hands at wall knock-outs, but convincing clients of the cost benefits is almost always challenging. By presenting some high-quality renderings to support their case, they offered their clients the ultimate in peace of mind.

The resulting project is a remarkable transformation of an otherwise ordinary space, and a credit to the design and build team.

Huge congratulations to Catherine Young and Brett Patterson on your nomination as a finalist in the KBDi Designer Awards. We wish you the best of luck as the competition moves to the next stage.

Learn more about the concept to completion capabilities of PYTHA 3D CAD here.

New KD Max Payment Plans

New KD Max Payment Plans

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

The team at Cabinets by Computer know that times are rapidly changing and priorities are shifting for your business. Digital presence and functionality is fast becoming more crucial to selling within this increasingly isolated environment.

To make it easier for you to get KD Max running in your business during this period, Cabinets by Computer have made some big changes to their payment plan structure.

If you would like to learn more about KD Max and new payment options, please contact Cabinets by Computer on (03) 5254 3274.  Alternatively, click on the button below, fill in your details and one of their dedicated team members will be in touch.

Europe’s most trusted kitchen, bath and interior CAD is here!

Europe’s most trusted kitchen, bath and interior CAD is here!

A message from our Supplier Partner, CAD International

Choosing design software for your kitchen and bathroom or interior design business has not been an easy task – until now. There’s a vast range of software on the market and making a decision can get very confusing, very fast. Many products are expensive, difficult to master, limited in potential or just too ‘Americanised’. And some products are all of the above. A range of software products can be purchased outright, while others are offered on a subscription basis – and one model may suit you better than the other.

In Europe, one affordable and easy-to-use product has risen to the top by placing its focus on meeting the needs of a specific target market – interior designers.

ARCHLine.XP was initially designed for architects, but when architecture almost dried up following the 2008 GFC, the developers cast their attention to interior design, renovation and fitouts. They focussed on delivering a suite of specialised tools for kitchen, bathroom and cabinetmakers that would stand them apart from their competitors. Knowing productivity would be a key advantage for this market, they combined rapid design creation and editing tools with presentation assets, the ability to prepare bills of materials and 2D documentation.  

In this feature, we’re stepping through the features most loved by Europe’s interior designers, and now available in Australia through KBDi Supplier Partner, CAD International.

A Simple Interface with Smart Tools

Interior designers can benefit from a full set of 3D tools for kitchen fit outs, bathroom fit outs, skirtings and cornices, lighting, furniture, cabinets, tiling, stairs, materials and more. Working in 2D and 3D at once allows great design freedom and ‘out of the box’ creativity.

Room Maker

Now interior designers can explore the full extent of room design using real walls, ceilings, windows, finishes and fixtures to help maintain more coherence in the design. From a ‘real-person’ perspective you can edit furniture and objects, and automatically create interior elevations and plans.

Real-life fixtures and BIM objects

With a direct link to online 3D Libraries such as 3D Warehouse®, and BIM libraries like BIMObject®, Cadenas®, Synchronia® and Showroom®, testing out new taps, sinks, shower heads, cabinet handles, door handles and shower doors becomes a simple drag and drop exercise.

Cycle Between Products and Test Design Options 

Test different design options at will.

3D Warehouse Link

Access thousands of different furniture and 3D models that you can drag and drop straight into your models to test different layouts.

FF&E Reports

ARCHLine.XP supports a full Open-BIM interface, allowing you to instantly extract quantities, costs and information about your models to create FF&E reports in Excel.

Kitchen Design

Start with a rough footprint of your kitchen layout.

Create your base cabinets in seconds.

Add a sleek modern benchtop with your favourite sinks and taps.

Add your desired tiling patterns to the splashback and define your work area.

Finally, document your designs for construction. ARCHLine.XP contains a full 2D drafting toolset for you to create detailed documentation.

Bathroom Design

Using the same tools, you can easily create jaw-dropping bathroom fit outs.

3D Visualisation

ARCHLine.XP also comes with a high-end render engine. Help your clients understand the atmosphere and aesthetics of your designs with beautiful (and easy-to-generate) high-end visuals.

Keen to learn more? Visit CAD International today, and be sure to mention your KBDi connection.