New KD Max Payment Plans

New KD Max Payment Plans

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

The team at Cabinets by Computer know that times are rapidly changing and priorities are shifting for your business. Digital presence and functionality is fast becoming more crucial to selling within this increasingly isolated environment.

To make it easier for you to get KD Max running in your business during this period, Cabinets by Computer have made some big changes to their payment plan structure.

If you would like to learn more about KD Max and new payment options, please contact Cabinets by Computer on (03) 5254 3274.  Alternatively, click on the button below, fill in your details and one of their dedicated team members will be in touch.

Europe’s most trusted kitchen, bath and interior CAD is here!

Europe’s most trusted kitchen, bath and interior CAD is here!

A message from our Supplier Partner, CAD International

Choosing design software for your kitchen and bathroom or interior design business has not been an easy task – until now. There’s a vast range of software on the market and making a decision can get very confusing, very fast. Many products are expensive, difficult to master, limited in potential or just too ‘Americanised’. And some products are all of the above. A range of software products can be purchased outright, while others are offered on a subscription basis – and one model may suit you better than the other.

In Europe, one affordable and easy-to-use product has risen to the top by placing its focus on meeting the needs of a specific target market – interior designers.

ARCHLine.XP was initially designed for architects, but when architecture almost dried up following the 2008 GFC, the developers cast their attention to interior design, renovation and fitouts. They focussed on delivering a suite of specialised tools for kitchen, bathroom and cabinetmakers that would stand them apart from their competitors. Knowing productivity would be a key advantage for this market, they combined rapid design creation and editing tools with presentation assets, the ability to prepare bills of materials and 2D documentation.  

In this feature, we’re stepping through the features most loved by Europe’s interior designers, and now available in Australia through KBDi Supplier Partner, CAD International.

A Simple Interface with Smart Tools

Interior designers can benefit from a full set of 3D tools for kitchen fit outs, bathroom fit outs, skirtings and cornices, lighting, furniture, cabinets, tiling, stairs, materials and more. Working in 2D and 3D at once allows great design freedom and ‘out of the box’ creativity.

Room Maker

Now interior designers can explore the full extent of room design using real walls, ceilings, windows, finishes and fixtures to help maintain more coherence in the design. From a ‘real-person’ perspective you can edit furniture and objects, and automatically create interior elevations and plans.

Real-life fixtures and BIM objects

With a direct link to online 3D Libraries such as 3D Warehouse®, and BIM libraries like BIMObject®, Cadenas®, Synchronia® and Showroom®, testing out new taps, sinks, shower heads, cabinet handles, door handles and shower doors becomes a simple drag and drop exercise.

Cycle Between Products and Test Design Options 

Test different design options at will.

3D Warehouse Link

Access thousands of different furniture and 3D models that you can drag and drop straight into your models to test different layouts.

FF&E Reports

ARCHLine.XP supports a full Open-BIM interface, allowing you to instantly extract quantities, costs and information about your models to create FF&E reports in Excel.

Kitchen Design

Start with a rough footprint of your kitchen layout.

Create your base cabinets in seconds.

Add a sleek modern benchtop with your favourite sinks and taps.

Add your desired tiling patterns to the splashback and define your work area.

Finally, document your designs for construction. ARCHLine.XP contains a full 2D drafting toolset for you to create detailed documentation.

Bathroom Design

Using the same tools, you can easily create jaw-dropping bathroom fit outs.

3D Visualisation

ARCHLine.XP also comes with a high-end render engine. Help your clients understand the atmosphere and aesthetics of your designs with beautiful (and easy-to-generate) high-end visuals.

Keen to learn more? Visit CAD International today, and be sure to mention your KBDi connection.

PYTHA reps bring everyday experience and local knowledge to your 3D CAD software solutions

PYTHA reps bring everyday experience and local knowledge to your 3D CAD software solutions

A message from our Corporate Partner, PYTHA 3D CAD

PYTHA 3D CAD software is a comprehensive ‘concept to completion’ system used by over 10,000 businesses worldwide. The software can be used for all facets of design and manufacture, from planning to presentation to production, and can be packaged to accommodate you and your business needs. PYTHA is proudly made in Germany, and with an exclusive Australian distributor – Pytha Partners – offers you the best of German precision with the convenience of home-grown support.

The Pytha Partners team is committed to partnering with TAFEs, industry associations, hardware and machinery suppliers and – most importantly – the end-users of the software. As a designer or manufacturer, your investment goes way beyond the software itself – the program you choose will have an impact on your productivity, production and, most importantly, your profit.

As you’ll see below, Pytha Partners representatives have been in your boots, and with their past and ongoing industry experience and local knowledge, they’re well placed to help you with solutions and support.

About the Sales Team

Michael Rowe | Australia-wide and New Zealand

Michael Rowe first discovered PYTHA some twenty-five years ago, and it’s been a part of his working life since then. His years of practical experience in all facets of planning, presentation and production allow Michael to genuinely ‘talk the talk’ with designers and manufacturers, ensuring that they’re getting exactly what they need from their software installations.

Aaron Meyer | Queensland

Guests at this week’s KBDi PD Thursday session were given some inside knowledge on plan production by PYTHA’s Queensland Ambassador, Aaron Meyer. Aaron entered the industry as a cabinetmaking apprentice in 2009. He loved his time on the tools, but was soon drawn to the technology used by his Adelaide employers. Aaron became proficient in PYTHA 3D CAD, and developed a great appreciation for the practical attributes of this concept-to-completion software.

A move to Brisbane in 2016 allowed Aaron some new opportunities in a high-end design studio, and it was in this workplace that Aaron’s proficiency in PYTHA 3D CAD – specifically RadioLAB – was taken to a whole new level. With a keen interest in design and an excellent eye for detail, Aaron was well and truly sold on the rendering potential at his fingertips.

In his role as PYTHA Queensland Ambassador, Aaron offers both manufacturing and design drafting expertise to switched-on business owners considering a move to PYTHA 3D CAD.

Tony Warren | SA

Renowned kitchen designer and long-time KBDi Member, Tony Warren CKD Au, is proud to be the South Australian ambassador of PYTHA 3D CAD. As the principal designer and director of Adelaide-based firm, TMA Kitchen Design, Tony prides himself on his comprehensive documentation, delivered through an integrated design consultancy service.

Tony’s clients are often looking for ‘out of the box’ solutions for their high-end homes. PYTHA 3D CAD offers the TMA design team the customisation required to present complex designs with clear construction detailing. With its impressive photorealism, PYTHA allows Tony to share his ‘big visions’, ensuring his clients are 100% on the same page before quoting and construction get underway.

In his ambassador role, Tony will offer you a great understanding of both the potential of the software and its application in a successful sales strategy.

Paul Hadfield | Victoria

Paul has worked in the joinery and shopfitting trades for over two decades, enjoying a variety of roles. From sweeping the factory floor to managing million-dollar fitouts, his experience has given him a broad perspective of the industry and a great understanding of the need for speed, accuracy and efficiency – particularly when it comes to the CAD and CAM areas of your business.  In his role as ‘Implementation Specialist’, Paul is the man who will get you up and running with PYTHA 3D CAD.

Gary Bebbington | WA

With more than thirty years of experience in the joinery industry, Gary Bebbington has a solid understanding of Australian manufacturing businesses. And as the head of a highly successful management company (JCS Group), he knows that all good businesses need exceptional documentation to deliver profitable and hassle-free projects.

The detailing accuracy achievable with PYTHA 3D CAD allows Gary and his team to deliver clear and concise documentation that leaves no room for error. And with the software’s concept to completion capacities, Gary can distribute projects to a pool of contractors without any disruption to his fine-tuned process or – most importantly – the tight timelines of his commercial clients.

With his vast industry experience in design, manufacturing and project management, and his long-time PYTHA proficiency, Gary can offer you practical and relevant information to consider when selecting a software solution for your business.

Online Support and Learning

Of course, the Pytha Partners team are always available online, and they’ve been developing a range of remote learning opportunities tailor-made for the Australian and New Zealand design and manufacturing industries. Whether you’re completely new to PYTHA 3D CAD or a seasoned software user looking for particular skillset upgrades, the Pytha Partners have you covered. Visit their website for more information, or contact the office on 02 8515 0285.

How Tristan grew his thriving business

How Tristan grew his thriving business

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

Tristan Smith is the owner and operator of Smithwards Kitchens and Cabinetry and one of the thousands using goCabinets.

A key goal of goCabinets has always been enablement. Enabling those who currently do not have the time or resources to produce cabinetry for their clients. We’ve connected thousands of designers, builders, cabinet makers and more with local manufacturers capable and willing to cut volumes of custom cabinetry so users can offer the full solution to their clients.

Roughly 4 years ago Tristan was introduced to the goCabinets platform when his employer began using the service to streamline receiving their own clients’ orders. While looking to explore more of the service, Tristan began quoting and designing cabinets as a user in his spare time at home. The speed and simplicity resulted in the submission of his first job and he hasn’t looked back since, having entered more than 80 jobs into the goCabinets system since July 2019. Tristan recently offered his time to answer some questions on his goCabinets experience.

What comments do you have regarding the ordering process with goCabinets and its ease-of-use?

“From my experience now having used it for approximately 4 years it is a breeze. It takes all the thinking out of writing or designing a plan from scratch, it’s so easy to access the panels and cabinets I need, make adjustments, even do bulk colour changes to see price differences. I have never had any issue or difficulty in its user interface.”

What are the core benefits that you have found from your continued use of the goCabinets ordering system?

“In point order
• It’s quick…super quick to do kitchen design and generate a cost for cts [cut to size].
• It allows me to change designs without hand writing or long-winded plans on another program.
• It allows no time wasting in my business. This is a major factor. I don’t have to write plans, Sendoff plans to a cts company and wait for a quote, it takes user error out of the equation. If there is a mistake, I made it and not the company putting my design into another program before they cut it out. I know exactly what I’m ordering, is what I’m getting”

How have you found the quality of the cabinetry that you have ordered through the system?

“The quality of cabinetry has been great. We are very particular with our kitchens and expect the highest quality.”

What recommendations or suggestions do you have for an individual or business that is considering doing their first job through the goCabinets system?

“Try it out, it will change your entire business structure for the better, it will improve efficiency, productivity and even prevent / minimise financial losses through errors in plans, third party mistakes etc.”

A short introduction was the spark that led Tristan to using goCabinets and growing the thriving business he has today. We encourage you to register for your own free account and explore what goCabinets could do for you.

Free online room planning for Compusoft’s customers

Free online room planning for Compusoft’s customers

A message from our Corporate Partner, Compusoft

In order to allow better engagement during this current time of restricted movement, Compusoft is offering all customers the free use of their online room planner, Design@Web.

Design@Web can be used on your website or sent directly to potential customers to provide accurate room measurements and instigate initial planning ideas. These early client concepts can then be directly imported into Winner Design or Innoplus, so that you can turn your client’s ideas into a professional design. 

This free offer is available only to current Compusoft customers during the current crisis, as a way to support you through this difficult time. 

To request this free online room planner, simply fill in your details on Compusoft’s online form. Learn more here


KBDi Video Conference | Producing A+ Plans

KBDi Video Conference | Producing A+ Plans

Thursday | 11 June 2020 | 4pm AEST

Having worked in cabinetmaking, design and drafting for over a decade, Aaron Meyer (Meyer Vision) has experience at both ends of the concept to construction journey. Aaron knows how clear and concise technical drawings can eliminate design fails and avoid on-site hassles, and he’s eager to share his top tips for producing plan sets that meet and exceed Australian Standards.

You’ll also hear from KBDi Corporate Partners, PYTHA 3D CAD, during this session. Pytha’s tech team will be on hand to answer any queries you have about the software, and you’ll learn what they’re doing to support their existing customers during this challenging time.


About the Presenter

Aaron Meyer entered the industry as a cabinetmaking apprentice in 2009. He loved his time on the tools, but was soon drawn to the technology used by his Adelaide employers, Workspace. He became proficient in PYTHA 3D CAD, and developed a great appreciation for the practical attributes of this concept-to-completion software. 

A move to Brisbane in 2016 allowed Aaron some new opportunities in a high-end design studio, and it was in this workplace that Aaron’s proficiency in producing high quality plans and outstanding 3D renders was taken to a whole new level. With a keen interest in design and an excellent eye for detail, Aaron is keen to share his knowledge with KBDi Members.

Watch the recording

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