How Tristan grew his thriving business

How Tristan grew his thriving business

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

Tristan Smith is the owner and operator of Smithwards Kitchens and Cabinetry and one of the thousands using goCabinets.

A key goal of goCabinets has always been enablement. Enabling those who currently do not have the time or resources to produce cabinetry for their clients. We’ve connected thousands of designers, builders, cabinet makers and more with local manufacturers capable and willing to cut volumes of custom cabinetry so users can offer the full solution to their clients.

Roughly 4 years ago Tristan was introduced to the goCabinets platform when his employer began using the service to streamline receiving their own clients’ orders. While looking to explore more of the service, Tristan began quoting and designing cabinets as a user in his spare time at home. The speed and simplicity resulted in the submission of his first job and he hasn’t looked back since, having entered more than 80 jobs into the goCabinets system since July 2019. Tristan recently offered his time to answer some questions on his goCabinets experience.

What comments do you have regarding the ordering process with goCabinets and its ease-of-use?

“From my experience now having used it for approximately 4 years it is a breeze. It takes all the thinking out of writing or designing a plan from scratch, it’s so easy to access the panels and cabinets I need, make adjustments, even do bulk colour changes to see price differences. I have never had any issue or difficulty in its user interface.”

What are the core benefits that you have found from your continued use of the goCabinets ordering system?

“In point order
• It’s quick…super quick to do kitchen design and generate a cost for cts [cut to size].
• It allows me to change designs without hand writing or long-winded plans on another program.
• It allows no time wasting in my business. This is a major factor. I don’t have to write plans, Sendoff plans to a cts company and wait for a quote, it takes user error out of the equation. If there is a mistake, I made it and not the company putting my design into another program before they cut it out. I know exactly what I’m ordering, is what I’m getting”

How have you found the quality of the cabinetry that you have ordered through the system?

“The quality of cabinetry has been great. We are very particular with our kitchens and expect the highest quality.”

What recommendations or suggestions do you have for an individual or business that is considering doing their first job through the goCabinets system?

“Try it out, it will change your entire business structure for the better, it will improve efficiency, productivity and even prevent / minimise financial losses through errors in plans, third party mistakes etc.”

A short introduction was the spark that led Tristan to using goCabinets and growing the thriving business he has today. We encourage you to register for your own free account and explore what goCabinets could do for you.

Free online room planning for Compusoft’s customers

Free online room planning for Compusoft’s customers

A message from our Corporate Partner, Compusoft

In order to allow better engagement during this current time of restricted movement, Compusoft is offering all customers the free use of their online room planner, Design@Web.

Design@Web can be used on your website or sent directly to potential customers to provide accurate room measurements and instigate initial planning ideas. These early client concepts can then be directly imported into Winner Design or Innoplus, so that you can turn your client’s ideas into a professional design. 

This free offer is available only to current Compusoft customers during the current crisis, as a way to support you through this difficult time. 

To request this free online room planner, simply fill in your details on Compusoft’s online form. Learn more here


KBDi Video Conference | Producing A+ Plans

KBDi Video Conference | Producing A+ Plans

Thursday | 11 June 2020 | 4pm AEST

Having worked in cabinetmaking, design and drafting for over a decade, Aaron Meyer (Meyer Vision) has experience at both ends of the concept to construction journey. Aaron knows how clear and concise technical drawings can eliminate design fails and avoid on-site hassles, and he’s eager to share his top tips for producing plan sets that meet and exceed Australian Standards.

You’ll also hear from KBDi Corporate Partners, PYTHA 3D CAD, during this session. Pytha’s tech team will be on hand to answer any queries you have about the software, and you’ll learn what they’re doing to support their existing customers during this challenging time.


About the Presenter

Aaron Meyer entered the industry as a cabinetmaking apprentice in 2009. He loved his time on the tools, but was soon drawn to the technology used by his Adelaide employers, Workspace. He became proficient in PYTHA 3D CAD, and developed a great appreciation for the practical attributes of this concept-to-completion software. 

A move to Brisbane in 2016 allowed Aaron some new opportunities in a high-end design studio, and it was in this workplace that Aaron’s proficiency in producing high quality plans and outstanding 3D renders was taken to a whole new level. With a keen interest in design and an excellent eye for detail, Aaron is keen to share his knowledge with KBDi Members.

Watch the recording

Whoops, this video is for members only. If you have a membership, please log in. If not, you can definitely get access! Become a KBDi Member here.

Positive impact of software at work

Positive impact of software at work

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

What is the true Value of Software Training?

Well-leveraged, new technologies can increase efficiency while also decreasing costs. Imagine what your business would be like if there were no computers?

Bookkeeping would have to be done on paper and each calculation would have to be done manually with a calculator, financial transactions would require regular trips to the bank.

Communicating with clients could only be done over the phone, or in face-to-face meetings, and correspondence would have to be done by mail, all with the associated long-distance fees, travel expenses, wait times and delays.

The Value of Training

Not surprisingly, adequate employee training can make or break the success of new software adaptation. When poorly trained or, worse, not trained at all, employee productivity and morale can take a catastrophic hit – a hit from which some companies never fully recover.

More than offering merely adequate training, is one insight that comes from the many case studies of businesses implementing software solutions to ill effect. The earlier that employees are brought into the process, the more likely that the software solution will benefit the company.

Rather than purchasing software and then bringing the educator in, give employees the chance to provide input as to which features are needed, before the software is purchased, thereby greatly increasing the odds of a successful integration.

Preparing for a Successful Training Experience

Training – like the technology itself – should be discussed with employees beforehand. Explain to them how long the training should last and approximately when it will begin. Ask them which training methods they prefer.

Highly mobile and ambitious employees – such as sales teams – may prefer online training that they can access when it’s convenient. Customer support representatives may prefer dedicated training sessions away from their desks, so that they can focus on what they need to learn.

Some may prefer to have their training during normal working hours, whereas others may prefer to come in during after-hours so that it doesn’t disrupt their work – particularly if they will be paid for the extra time. By offering employees choices in how the training is delivered, they are much more likely to look forward to the training and to get greater benefit from it.

We at Cabinets by Computer believe in a constant flow of support and training to our existing and new customer base. We focus on training and support, as our customers are an extension and representation of our business.

Our high level of support, tutorials, visual walkthroughs and blogs before and after sale’s gives our customer’s reassurance that we are present and ready to assist no matter what the situation.

Our aim is to make the experience with Cabinets By Computer as enjoyable as possible.


An Interview with Gavin Hepper: insights in design and future

An Interview with Gavin Hepper: insights in design and future

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

Gavin Hepper is the Creative Director and founder of Concepts by Gavin Hepper, a successful design studio which has spent over 11 years taking projects from initial concept all the way through to installation and completion. Gavin has been a leading member of the Australian Design Industry, utilises his extensive experience within his role as Chair of the NSW Committee of the KBDi and his numerous consulting and mentoring positions.

Concepts by Gavin Hepper established a relationship with the Cabinets by Computer team across the past 4 years through the studio’s installation and continued use of the KD Max 3D Design Program offered by Cabinets by Computer.

Gavin recently took the time to provide us with some insight into how his business operates, his advice and opinions regarding trends and future direction of the design industry. Gavin also provides some insight into his experience using 3D design and the KD Max Design program. Check out the full interview above.

To see some of Gavin’s designs come to life check out his Instagram here: @conceptsbygavinhepper

If you are interested in learning more about the KD Max 3D Design Program and how it could suit your business, visit the Cabinets by Computer website.

Or you can call the team from Cabinets by Computer via (03) 5254 3274

Why 2020 is the year to persist with change

Why 2020 is the year to persist with change

A message from our Corporate Partner, Cabinets by Computer

With every New Year comes new resolutions and promises, both personal and professional. Unfortunately, it’s typically only a few months, weeks or even days later that the old routine simply becomes the usual routine again. Well now it’s not just a New Year, it’s a new DECADE and certainly time to persist with change. Now presents the best opportunity to enhance your design business’ efficiency, capabilities and overall performance.

Switch wasted time for valuable time

“Too busy”, “don’t have enough time”. These are the common excuses that prevent people and businesses from persisting with or even starting with a beneficial change. However, often our time is wasted by existing activities that could be minimised or even erased by embracing that change or a new advancement.

In the world of design most of our time is spent doing just that … designing. Drawing or sketching takes up so much time that we can’t focus on other factors like marketing ourselves or taking on new clients. Design software like KD Max greatly reduces time spent drawing (or worse yet, redrawing) designs. This time being saved counters any initial learning curve and frees you up to focus your attention to other goals like marketing, sales or training.

Increasing your offering | Start with the minimum

It can be hard to fully embrace a change from the get-go, no matter how much it can improve your life. The solution is simple. Start with the minimum. Experts recommend starting with the minimum you can do. Eg. A person who doesn’t floss can be encouraged to start by doing something as simple as flossing one tooth a night for a few seconds.

Many designers have utilised the goCabinets ordering system to upgrade their offering and supply the cabinetry from their designs to their client. You’ve already created the design, it’s just the simple step of inputting those cabinetry details into the goCabinets system.

You may be hesitant to order an entire kitchen for a client without dipping a toe in the water first. goCabinets encourages first time users to start with an order of a smaller nature. It’s not time consuming to place the order and allows you to recognise the quality of cabinetry which you can provide your clients. Maybe you’re designing the whole kitchen and bedroom for a client. An opportunity to initially test the goCabinets system may be to simply supply the bedroom cupboards or wardrobe. Your client’s custom cabinetry can be set for production and delivery straight to your chosen location.

Use the beginning of our new decade to test something new and see how you can create a healthier, stronger business case. Utilise that new service or invest in that new software you’ve been considering. You may find it easier than you ever thought.

Click the link below to give goCabinets a free go!

Try out goCabinets here