Callum and Themis share their kitchen loves and loathes

Callum and Themis share their kitchen loves and loathes

KBDi Chapter Sponsors, E & S Trading and Spartan Electrical, joined forces to shout KBDi members to a fantastic lunch and entertaining session at Adelaide’s ‘Sprout’.

MasterChef fans enjoyed seeing All Stars winner, Callum Hann, in action in the kitchen, alongside his partner in cooking, Themis Chryssidis. The pair put on a fabulous show while cooking up a storm, and shared their top loves and loathes about the kitchens they visit with their travelling cooking school.

They encouraged designers to ensure that the kitchens they create are practical, workable spaces that don’t make cooking any more difficult than it needs to be. The pair believe quick, easy, healthy food should be able to be prepared without fear of mess-making, and shared their top tips for creating easy-to-cook-in kitchens:

Sink Spaces

While many homeowners love the idea of having a sink in the island bench, facing their family and living areas, the practicality of this is iffy. Few people can relax and enjoy their meal with a pile of dirty dishes taking pride of place, and this can deter many home cooks from pulling out the pots and pans in the first place!


Accomplished cooks can master gas, but relative newbies may struggle. Themis and Callum love the ease and consistency of cooking with induction, and suggest selecting this alternative for less experienced cooks.


While they’re the first to admit that glass and mirrored splashbacks can be stunning to look at, Callum and Themis confessed that they can make an eager cook very nervous! A couple of splashes of butter or oil can mess up a mirror in minutes, giving less enthusiastic cooks one more reason to choose take away!

Pots and Pans

Callum and Themis suggest that designers always ask their clients if they have any favourite pots and pans, and what their preferences are if they’re planning to buy new equipment. If the client has a Le Creuset that they love to use, or a frypan they can’t bear to part with, you’ll want to make sure you pick a cooktop that will accommodate them.

Reach Rule

The pair have often been surprised at the vast areas of ‘lost space’ in the centre of large island benchtops. If the cook can’t get to the centre of the island, and the guests on the other side are out of reach range, too, you may want to consider paring back the depth of your bench to accommodate a more ‘inclusive’ and practical layout.

The session was wrapped up with a delicious lunch and plenty of good Adelaide wine. Huge thanks to E & S Trading and Spartan Electrical for allowing our Symposium guests to experience Sprout!

Collaboration is key to great design

Collaboration is key to great design

KBDi’s accredited designers enjoyed a great big dose of design inspiration with the opening speaker of this year’s Certified Designers Forum, proudly sponsored by Blum Australia.

As designer and director of the multi-disciplined Adelaide design firm, Enoki, Susanna Bilardo has a well-rounded perspective about design. With the firm successfully blurring the boundaries between graphic design and interior architecture on a daily basis, Susanna had much to share about the value of collaboration in design.

From a very young age Susanna had a great eye for detail; throughout her family’s travels, she was always drawn to beautiful architecture and building elements, and was stirred by great design. Her passion never waned, and she went on to study with some of Italy’s finest designers, and draw inspiration from the greats like Massimo Vignelli. Vignelli was an Italian designer who, like Susanna, worked across a wide range of design disciplines, from package design to houseware design, furniture design to public signage and showroom design. He believed that ‘if you can design one thing, you can design everything’, and his multi-disciplinary approach reflected this perfectly.

This ethos is well entrenched in the Enoki team, where graphic designers can be found working on internal space planning, and interior architects hone their skills on graphic elements. This collaboration of skills is key to the firm’s great success, with Enoki encouraging a team effort on all projects.

Collaboration is an important part of our process, where one discipline informs the other creating seamless, coherent and considered design solutions.

Susanna Bilardo

Susanna’s presentation sparked great discussions amongst Forum participants, and the theme of ‘collaboration’ rang strong throughout the next two days. As your industry organisation, we like to think of KBDi as a key facilitator of collaboration amongst our members, and are excited about the potential for members to build supportive and collaborative networks with fellow designers, affiliates, suppliers and sponsors.

One very simple way to kick-start some collaboration would be to join us at our next round of events. We’ll be getting together across most states during the month of October, and invite you to join us at your local chapter event for some design inspiration and networking. Find out more here.

Are you ready to #beinspired?

Are you ready to #beinspired?

We’ve put together an incredible program for this year’s KBDi Design Symposium to be held in Adelaide in September (learn more here). Guests will enjoy two days of wining and dining, a guided tour of the Art Gallery of SA, plenty of networking opportunities with like-minded designers and industry supports AND eight design-centric sessions set to inspire and inform.

Check out the sessions below and register today.

Let’s begin with the Why – a behavioural approach to success

Paul Herring (Corporate Connexions International)

As partner and behavioural consultant with Corporate Connexions International, Paul Herring is passionate about engaging, developing and mentoring organisation and community leaders and teams. His vast levels of skill and experience in human relations allow him to hone in on the social science elements of developing healthy individual performance, and how that relates directly to a sustainably successful business. With past experience in the areas of design, Paul presents a unique understanding of applying self-development principles to our kitchen and bathroom businesses.

Seeing Green: Incorporating living elements in your interiors

Amanda Balmer (Wax Designs)

Amanda Balmer is a landscape designer with a focus on the creation of integrated landscapes that respond to content and cultural values, deliver innovation and are environmentally responsible. She collaborates with numerous architectural practices and private clients to create external living spaces which deliver beautiful areas for individuals and families to enjoy their home environments. In this presentation, Amanda will highlight how we can be thoughtful of ‘seeing green’ when designing interiors.

Top of Mind Design

Agatha Ozhylovski (Agatha O House of Design)

Agatha Ozhylovski has worked as an interior designer in the residential, boutique development and high end commercial markets for twenty years. She has a particular interest in environmental behaviour neuroscience and the way in which it can be applied in interior design. During this session, Agatha will discuss a new field of people-centred, emotionally intelligent, evidence-based design, and the art of combining scientific research and data with creative flair and imagination.

Analyzing the Elements – Open Panel Discussion

Four designers with various backgrounds will discuss and analyze the elements of design, and their application in multiple design disciplines:

Mal Corboy (Mal Corby Design)

New Zealand’s most awarded kitchen designer, Mal Corboy, was recently recognized in the ‘DuPoint Corian Top 50’ alongside a select group of internationally renowned designers. Mal’s eye-catching interiors and custom furniture design have garnered recognition and accolades from numerous industry groups across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and his work has taken him to Trinidad and the USA, too. In this session, Mal will share an international view of design and the application of elements across the globe.

Susanna Bilardo (Enoki)

Susanna Bilardo is Designer/Director at Enoki in Adelaide. The company is a multi-disciplinary firm specialising in both Visual Communication AND Interior Architecture, and Susanna will be contributing her points of view on design from both perspectives.

Agatha Ozhylovski (Agatha O House of Design)

With two decades of experience designing residential, boutique development and high end commercial markets, Agatha has some well thought out design principles to share. Her interest in environmental behaviour neuroscience and the way in which it can be applied in interior design will add an additional perspective to this panel discussion.

Amanda Balmer (Wax Designs)

Education, play and sustainability are large components of Amanda’s project portfolio, and her positions on the Play Australia SA and National Boards are evidence of her commitment to creating play environments which deliver engaging, interactive, informative and all accessible landscapes. We’ll learn how the application of the elements of design apply in this particular area.

Techno Retreats: the new Bathroom Bliss – how technology is changing Australian bathroom design

Darren Genner CKD Au (Minosa)

Designer Darren Genner needs little introduction to the KBDi community, having taken out the title of KBDi Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year for three years running (2013, 2014 and 2015). He has a raft of accolades from Australia and abroad, and has continually demonstrated his passion for the industry through training and professional development. With his wife, business partner and co-founder, Simona Castagna, Darren is building a team of equally savvy designers in their very successful design firm, Minosa. In this session, Darren will be sharing his knowledge about bathroom design, and the impact technology is having on the bathroom zone.

Nutrition and Dietetics: Influence on Cooking Styles

Sprout Cooking School & Health Studio

With a team comprised of highly qualified health professionals and seriously fanatic foodies, Sprout will deliver a unique perspective on nutrition and dietetics, and their influence on your clients’ cooking styles. In SA’s largest purpose-built kitchen for hands-on cooking classes, you’ll learn how to deliver the best culinary options for your clients while enjoying a delectable lunch prepared by Adelaide’s most enthusiastic cooking crew!

Design Styles & Styling Design

Rachel Mifsud (Adelaide Agencies)

As an agent for furniture at Adelaide Agencies, Rachel Misfud is well-versed in the varying design styles and their styling requirements, in both residential and commercial interiors. In this session, Rachel will discuss a variety of popular design styles and the key elements that are indicative of each particular genre. She will look at the application of indoor/outdoor furniture, rugs, custom sofas, lighting, artwork, mirrors and décor accessories, and show us how the little things work together to add definition and cohesion to design styles.

We’re all in this together: fostering healthy relationships from concept to completion

Kate Harry (Fabrikate)

Kate Harry is the director and owner of Fabrikate Creative Spaces, a boutique interior design studio specializing in architectural renovations and bespoke commercial projects. With over twenty years’ experience in design and renovation, Kate is well aware of the value in forging strong relationships for successful project completion. Join her in an interactive session about the trials, tribulations and triumphs between designers, joiners and clients, and learn how to foster healthy relationships from concept to completion.

Are you looking for some design inspiration?

Are you looking for some design inspiration?

The KBDi Design Symposium is the perfect place to be inspired, and we’d love you to join us in Adelaide in September.

The generous support of our Sponsors has allowed us to offer great value packages for all Symposium participants (with an extra special price for all Members who entered this year’s Awards!).

Our two day program has been designed for designers, and includes the following sessions:

  • Keynote Presentation: Let’s Begin with the Why – a behavioural approach to success with Paul Herring
  • Seeing Green: incorporating living elements in your interiors
  • A guided tour of iconic designer Linda Jackson’s Utopia Collection (at the Gallery of SA)
  • Top of Mind Design: environmental neuroscience meets interior design
  • Health and Wellness in Interiors: designing interiors to support good health, wellness and a mindful way of life
  • Techno Retreats: the new Bathroom Bliss – how technology is changing Australian bathroom design
  • Design Styles & Styling Designs
  • and more!

​We’ll be profiling each of our speakers and expanding on the content soon, but we’re sure the above will whet your appetite!

Your Symposium package also includes a ticket to our always-memorable black tie Gala event, where you’ll be wined, dined and entertained! Enjoy fine food, fabulous company and a front row seat to view the latest creations of Australia’s finest designers.

If you’re a KBDi Certified Designer (or have a current accreditation application awaiting approval), you won’t want to miss the Certified Designers Forum which will precede the Symposium either. More details will be released soon.

Key dates and locations are outlined here; be sure to check them before you book your flights.

Remember places on the Symposium are strictly limited, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to catching up with you in Adelaide!

Albedor Industries opens factory doors for designers

Albedor Industries opens factory doors for designers

Albedor’s ‘Shop Talk’ was a very popular session at our recent KBDi Design Symposium.  The visit was truly an eye-opening experience – what an incredible factory! With a guided tour covering each step of the manufacturing process in action, our members walked away with a greater understanding of cabinetry, and some practical knowledge sure to improve design skills.

Their selection centre is a must-see, too – the showroom displays Albedor’s wide range of products, colours and finishes. Albedor specialists are on site to offer advice regarding the most suitable products, finishes and colours to create the look your client desires. The selection centre is located at 7 Research Drive, Croydon South, and is open six days a week for your convenience (opening hours here).

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Albedor Industries for opening their doors on a Saturday morning and showing us all the behind the scenes action of the manufacturing process. Big thanks too for a decadent champagne brunch and a new sign for the KBDi national office!

Find out more about this Australian family-owned business and their wide range of products at