Jolie handles are the details that make the design

Jolie handles are the details that make the design

‘The details are not the details. They make the design’.
Charles Eames

This quotation sits front and centre in the office of Two Tease director, Kevin Tuersley, and is a perfect reflection of the quality hardware on display in his adjoining showroom. The Crows Nest studio is home to a stunning range of cabinet and architectural hardware, and designers with a great appreciation for ‘the details’ will be awed when they step inside.

The ‘Jolie’ range of cabinet handles will catch the attention of kitchen, bathroom and furniture designers.

The brand was developed by two design-savvy visionaries who saw a gaping hole in the handle market for unique, high-end hardware.

Belgian, Ben Evens and Dutchman, Ferry van Herwijnen, combined their industry experience and passion for design to bring an exceptional solid brass range to the market. Their commitment to quality is evident at every stage of production: each piece is created using traditional sand-casting methods with the highest standard of precision machinery, at the hands of world-class artisans. Products are cast and forged, milled and drilled, pitted and lacquered under the watchful eye of the Jolie team, and identified with the ‘J’ insignia.

With finishes like Old Silver, Aged Bronze, Secret Aged Gold and – of course – a timeless Black, and a comprehensive suite of architectural collections, you’re sure to find the perfect ‘jewels’ to crown your interior designs.

Most importantly, you’ll know that your stock will be immediately available from the well-stocked Sydney showroom, or airfreighted directly from Belgium within seven to ten days.

Kevin is eager to welcome KBDi designers to his Crows Nest studio. Contact Two Tease today to arrange your personal viewing.

Timeless architectural hardware curated by Two Tease

Timeless architectural hardware curated by Two Tease

We’re delighted to welcome Two Tease to our growing family of KBDi supplier members.

Two Tease is a family business driven by a deep passion for high-quality artisan architectural hardware. The Two Tease team have made it their mission to source the world’s finest handles, knobs, pulls and accessories, creating a highly curated collection for designers.

Through their stunning Crows Nest studio, or the Two Tease online gallery (see it here), you’ll have access to a discerning range of timeless hardware – including the unique pivot system pictured below – sure to add the finishing touch to your well-designed interiors.

Discover the Two Tease range today at

Monolithic Kitchen Surfaces by Staron

Monolithic Kitchen Surfaces by Staron

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Staron

Staron® Solid Surfaces is manufactured from a safe natural mineral refined from bauxite and blended with pure acrylic resin to create a premium solid surface. Staron® Solid Surfaces contains no dangerous silica and is suitable not only for commercial projects, but for endless applications around the home including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

With a range of over 90 colours to select from, Staron® offers an extensive range of solid surfaces in Australia. Staron® is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. It can be thermoformed into flowing curves or sculpted into any shape imaginable. The flexibility of Staron® extends to limitless edge profiles, drop-down edges, splashbacks and tile coves. Selected Staron® colours are also translucent and can be backlit to bring your design to life.

The non-porous nature of Staron® provides a surface that no stain can penetrate – providing a durable benchtop that is hygienic and easy to clean. Staron® is also repairable and renewable. Even after years of use, it can simply be sanded, thus restored back to its original condition. Staron® does not have any finishing polishes or sealers applied; it is the same solid material throughout its thickness. Because of this nature, every wipe to your benchtop will rejuvenate the surface.

Staron® creates long and wide continuing surfaces with no open or conspicuous joins. With a collection of integrated Staron® kitchen sinks and vanity bowls – a smooth benchtop space can be created. No dirt-trapping joins or crevices to clean, just one continuous surface that looks and performs like one piece.
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Schweigen’s Home Ventilation Solutions – a breath of fresh air for your home

Schweigen’s Home Ventilation Solutions – a breath of fresh air for your home

A message from our Gold Sponsor, Schweigen

What’s going into your lungs?

All across Australia, homes are increasingly being sealed up to be more energy-efficient. This means that stale air is more likely to be trapped inside, becoming damp and polluted over time. While there isn’t much that we can do about outdoor smog, pollen or dander, there are solutions available to ensure that stale indoor air, odours, steam, cooking smoke, fumes, airborne grease and off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from cleaning products, building materials and furnishings are silently and efficiently taken care of.

Home as a sanctuary

Schweigen’s silent home ventilation solutions comprise of rangehoods for indoor and outdoor kitchen use, plus multi-purpose exhaust fans for all other areas of the house, including:

  1. Bathrooms/toilets: to remove odours, steam and humidity (preventing mould and mildew build-up), plus VOCs released during cleaning
  2. Laundry rooms: to remove stale air and humidity
  3. Garage/workshop: to remove fumes and carbon monoxide
  4. Pantry/cellar: to remove stale air and humidity
  5. Kitchen: to remove smoke, fumes, odours and airborne oil particles (preventing grease build-up on surfaces, clothing and furniture)


These are powered by Schweigen’s patented Isodrive® Motor Systems, each incorporating German-made ebm-papst motors, recognised as some of the quietest and most energy-efficient domestic extraction units on the market.

Image source: Darren Genner, Minosa Design

Product feature: Schweigen’s BR500 Multi-Purpose Exhaust Fan

Available in an array of styles, finishes, features and motor power options, Schweigen’s silent home ventilation solutions are designed to be installed on the roof, wall or eave and are suitable almost any room in your unit, apartment, townhouse, single or multi-storey house.

Breathe easier

Chat with us to get your home ventilation concerns addressed, and you can rest assured dealing with the brand behind Australia’s bestselling silent rangehood. For more information, please visit or contact us at 1300 881 693.

InnoTech Atira Drawer System

InnoTech Atira Drawer System

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Hettich

InnoTech Atira Drawer System – Extended Platform Concept

The InnoTech Atira drawer system by Hettich is full of character: Straight lines, clean contours and is available in three finishes; white, silver and the new dark anthracite. A variety of additional elements complemented by versatile interior organisation solutions form the perfect mix for more individuality. InnoTech Atira combines attractive options for differentiating with high-cost efficiency by means of the platform concept.

The sleek design of InnoTech Atira fits into any home situation and offers a wide variety of options for differentiating drawers and pull-outs. Various side elements, such as railing and TopSide with glass below the railing and runners provide individually tailored solutions that can be produced with flexibility and ease. Further added value for individualists comes from designer profiles that can be simply adhered to the drawer side profile. The high-quality designer profiles create visual highlights, emphasise the system’s corners and edges, with decors of the same colour for internal front panels or interior organisation. The freedom of design has no limits, because with InnoTech Atira, striking design meets proven technology.

Perfect differentiation also in terms of function: from the partial extension runner with soft closing to the full extension runner with Silent System or Push to open Silent. The Quadro partial extension runner is the ideal gateway to double-walled drawer systems, and with the option of being upgraded to a full extension runner, the ideal basis for InnoTech Atira. The range is perfectly complemented by the innovative, user-friendly Push to open Silent function that competently combines handleless opening in response to a light press on the front panel with soft closing drawers. From small and light to large and heavy – the best performance is guaranteed for all drawers, e.g. by using a 10 kg runner or optional, clip in synchronisation for conveniently opening the drawer from almost anywhere on the front panel. Particular practical convenience is evident in many facets, such as in the retriggering guard or the intelligent drawer energy storage system if there’s ever a lack of momentum on closing. Push to open Silent impresses with convenience and operational reliability.

The interior organisation, perfectly coordinated with the style elements, offers many practical storage options. InnoTech Atira is a perfected product range for many different applications and customised design options and is based on a platform concept that uses just one drawer side profile, keeping cost and effort as low as possible in production, stock keeping and logistics.

Learn more here.

Smooth, curved surfaces with Staron®

Smooth, curved surfaces with Staron®

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Staron

Staron®Solid Surfaces is suitable for endless applications in a kitchen, bathroom or other residential project. With a silk-like finish and a range of over 90 colours to select from, Staron®is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

One of the great advantages of Staron®is that it can be moulded and curved into any design or structure through a process called thermoforming. This process allows three-dimensional designs to come to life. Virtually any shape can be formed with Staron®.

This creative process of design can result in endless interesting design possibilities. Kitchen benchtops can be curved and join inconspicuously around soft curves, and custom design vanities can be a feature with smooth rounded designs. Create unique curved bowls, vases or make the waves of your project curve and twist into a concept that creates impact and is original.

Staron®can be inlaid, creating a blend of colours into one piece. The flexibility of the range extends to limitless edge profiles; drop down edges, and splashbacks. The durability and non-porous nature of the product also makes it easy to maintain. All this comes with a Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified material, plus a 10 Year Warranty. Staron®Solid Surfaces provides a design solution that pushes the boundaries of design.

Staron®Solid Surfaces is manufactured from a safe natural mineral refined from bauxite and blended with pure acrylic resin to create a premium solid surface. Staron®Solid Surfaces contains no dangerous silica and is suitable not only for commercial projects, but for endless applications around the home including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.