Huge thanks to KBDi Board of 2020

Huge thanks to KBDi Board of 2020

Last week we extended our thanks to the various KBDi Chapter Committees around the country, and tipped our hats to the members leading these teams as Chapter Chairs.

This week, we’re giving gratitude to our hard-working KBDi Board. This small but dedicated team gives a generous amount of time to our organisation, sharing their professional expertise and experience for the benefit of the industry.

South Australia’s Peter Sveinsson CBD Au leads the group as KBDi President. Peter’s strong attention to detail and organisational prowess ensure each meeting is well planned and productive. Peter’s business management skills and industry knowledge are invaluable to our organisation, and we extend our sincerest thanks for his ongoing time and contributions.

New South Wales designer, Gavin Hepper CKD Au, holds the position of KBDi Vice President. Gavin’s passion for the industry is immeasurable, and his keen eye for collaborative opportunities is helping us forge and sustain excellent relationships with the industry’s most reputable suppliers.

Victoria’s Garrett Hebden has more than three decades of experience in the kitchen, bathroom and interior renovation fields. His business acumen and industry awareness are most helpful in his role as KBDi Treasurer, and we can be assured that the finances of our association are in good hands. Garrett’s positivity and humour are always appreciated in the monthly meetings.

Sharon Terblanche (Victoria) has brought enthusiasm, energy and plenty of bright ideas to the KBDi Board in 2020. Her varied roles in the design and manufacturing industries have given Sharon a well-rounded insight into all aspects of the industry, and her sales and marketing strategic thinking will be of enormous value in the year ahead.

Last but not least, Melbourne’s Rina Cohen rounds off the Board with passion and professionalism. In her thirty-plus years at the helm of Rina Cohen Interiors (now trading as RCI Designs), she has overcome many of the challenges faced by small businesses and learned how and when to celebrate the wins. In her role on the Board, Rina uses this experience for the benefit of us all.

Please join us in extending thanks and appreciation to the dedicated group above. Together, we look forward to making 2021 a year of growth and opportunity.

Touch-base Tuesday | Royston, Jane & Alan

Touch-base Tuesday | Royston, Jane & Alan

Tuesday | 19 May 2020 | 2pm (AEST)

WA Members, Jane Tincey and Alan Gmeiner are old hands at non-contact design: with their work in the mining sector, the pair have been designing remotely for a number of years. In this chat, you’ll learn how they go about collating briefs and preparing designs, often without ever visiting sites. Their issues with restrictions and logistics – and how they resolve them – are truly fascinating, and we encourage you set aside an hour for some design inspiration.

Places are limited (with priority allocation going to KBDi Designer Members). Non-members can attend one virtual event obligation-free. Register TODAY and we’ll confirm your spot via email.

Registrations have now closed.

Words of Wisdom | Greg Grant CKD Au

Words of Wisdom | Greg Grant CKD Au

Most of you know will know Greg Grant CKD Au as the (outgoing) Executive Director of KBDi. Before he donned that hat, however, Greg was a long serving member and the owner of a very successful cabinetmaking business in Brisbane. We put a few questions to Greg about his take on the current economic environment. While Greg’s answers relate to KBDi (and as Members, you’ll be keen to learn what we’re up to), his advice can definitely be applied to all kinds of businesses.

Here’s what Greg had to say.

Is the current health crisis prompting you to change how you market to potential new clients (members)? How so? 

Yes it will. We have all been guilty of being too busy and neglecting opportunities to follow up. With this reset happening, I believe there will be great opportunities for one on one conversations, which in turn will build better relationships for when business again ramps up.

What about communicating with clients and trades? How are you approaching this today? Have you thought about how you can do this over the coming weeks/months? 

We are investigating many more digital ways to communicate. We have always planned to do this, but never had the time available to develop and implement. Suddenly, we now have time to refine and action these ideas which will be valuable now and will build our association in the future.

Are you adding any new services to your existing lineup in light of the way things are changing around us? 

Yes. We are relaunching our members only area and will be stacking it with resources over the coming weeks.  

How are you keeping your staff optimistic? 

I think all business success is built on your staff. They are your front line. Richard Branson is quoted saying “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple”. I think we need to communicate clearly with staff and allow them to be part of the decisions we are making affecting business. Keep them in the loop. And do everything you can to support them through this and retain them for when business picks up again.

How are you looking after yourself? 

Whilst many of us already work from home, many are now being forced to for the first time. I think it is easy to become despondent and we may feel isolated from our normal routines. When family and friends around us are being stood down or made redundant and many are facing uncertain futures.  

In these times, we do need to remain positive – as this like all other crisis times will pass. 

We need to look after our mental health as well as our physical health of ourselves as well as those around us. 

Staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues is absolutely imperative to maintaining a healthy attitude.

Any other positive, uplifting or motivational thoughts to share with your fellow Members?

Stay positive knowing that this time will pass. 

Use your time wisely to prepare for the expected uplift in business. Look at how you have been working and look for better ways to achieve this in future. My dad always said “take time to sharpen your axe, so you can clear a way through the trees”. Without taking time to sharpen the axe, we work inefficiently trying to chop down the forest in front of us.

Invest in alternative ways to communicate. 

I hope we all take time in this downturn to “reset” and “sharpen our axe”. 

Any words of wisdom you’d like to add to this? Please feel free to comment below.

Functionality and aesthetics in design

Functionality and aesthetics in design

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Hettich

The link between design and quality of life has long been established, though the extent to which the former impacts the latter is still being investigated. Recently, tech giant HTC surveyed more than 2100 participants from seven countries, including Australia, China, the UK, and the USA. According to 29% of respondents, well-designed objects that were both beautiful and functional triggered positive emotions such as calmness and contentment.

Interior design is reflecting this, moving toward an increasingly minimal aesthetic that values subtlety, elegance, and the removal of clutter. Sliding doors – alongside handle-free drawer or cupboard door options – facilitate all of these characteristics, employing large surface fronts that act as a blank canvas for design creativity.

Offering designers unmatched design flexibility, sliding and folding doors can be specified in a virtually unlimited range of materials and finishes. From matte finish laminate to smooth, subtly reflective surfaces and even mirrored doors, sliding doors can be customised to suit any space. The sheer versatility of sliding door products on the market means that there is something to suit every budget and aesthetic.

Newer models of sliding door systems can also be specified so that
the panels sit flush with another when they are closed, and no gaps between panels are visible when they are in operation.

Similarly, the pared back design of many contemporary drawers and cupboard doors can be customised to meet the demands of a modern residential brief. Thanks to concealed components, smooth handleless fronts, and availability in a breadth of colours, textures, and finishes, cupboards and drawers can harmonise effortlessly with other interior elements, creating a unified, pleasing aesthetic.

Learn more about Hettich’s aesthetic (and supremely functional) products here.

KBDi Designer Awards 2018 – Congratulations to all Bathroom Category Finalists!

KBDi Designer Awards 2018 – Congratulations to all Bathroom Category Finalists!

This year’s KBDi Designer Awards Bathroom Categories are once again being sponsored by E & S Trading. They’ll be presenting awards to winners of Small and Large Bathroom categories, before announcing the Bathroom Designers of the Year for NSW, WA, SA, Victoria and Queensland. Finally, E & S Trading will present the top award and a fantastic $2,500 prize to the KBDi Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year.

Huge congratulations to each and all of the finalists in this year’s awards, and thanks once again to E & S Trading for their much-appreciated support of Australia’s Finest designers.

We have some truly beautiful bathrooms in this year’s Awards; check them all out in the video below and comment with your favourites!

KBDi Designer Awards 2018 – Congratulations to all Kitchen Category Finalists!

KBDi Designer Awards 2018 – Congratulations to all Kitchen Category Finalists!

Lincoln Sentry are proud sponsors of the KBDi Designer Awards Kitchen Category entries in 2018. They’ll be presenting awards to winners of Small Kitchen, Medium Kitchen and Large Kitchen categories, before naming the Kitchen Designers of the Year for NSW, WA, SA, Victoria and Queensland, and the highly coveted title of KBDi Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year.

Huge congratulations to each and all of the finalists in this year’s awards, and thanks once again to Lincoln Sentry for their much-appreciated support of Australia’s Finest designers.

We have a stunning line up of kitchens vying for the prizes; check them all out in the video below and comment with your favourites!