KBDi Chapter Committees

As a not-for-profit industry organisation, the KBDi would not be the well-oiled machine it has become without the support of local chapter committees throughout Australia.  Each committee is comprised of a small number of volunteers who meet on a regular basis to discuss upcoming KBDi events and the industry as a whole.  These committee members proudly represent KBDi at Chapter Events, welcoming new and potential members and sponsors.

31_DA2021_KDOY_VIC_Matthew James


Andrew Wright CKD Au, CBD Au

Barclay Gillett

Cate Liedtke

Cherel Millist CKD Au, CBD Au

Gavin Hepper CKD Au

Matt Michel

Email the NSW Committee


Anne Ellard CKD Au

Julie Blackmore

Rosanna Pappalardo CKD Au

Sandra Dara

Email the QLD Committee


Bre Tarca

Denise Melville

Robert Bayly

Tania Kloester 

 Email the SA Committee


Frank Iaria CKD Au

Illan Elberg

Mary Maksemos

Rhianon Hall

Theo Sismanellis CKD Au

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Alan Gmeiner

Alysia Pekel CKD Au

Caitlin McNeill

Fiona Parsons

Michelle Ashley-Emile

Robert Mazzilli

Trudi Flynn

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