Health, flavour and style combine in the latest kitchen appliance to claim hero status.  The Combi Steam oven, from Smeg, is that rare beast that multi-tasks to perfection while making a positive contribution to our health and an inimitable style statement in our home!

Combi steam cooking, the technique used by restaurants to produce those perfect, succulent dishes we all admire, delivers three methods of cooking in the one appliance – they can be used separately or in combination.

Steam, convection baking and grilling are the key features of the Smeg SFA4395VCX Classic Combi Steam oven.

Steam cooking, long recognised for its health benefits, retains the food’s nutrients, natural juices and original colour.  Different dishes can be cooked simultaneously without any transfer of flavour or aroma.  And flavours are intensified while cooking times are reduced.

Convection baking meanwhile, including fan forced and static bake, is the preferred method for cakes, pastries and rich, slow cooked dishes.

Grilling is unsurpassed for sealing meats and browning a wide range of foods.  Each of the three cooking methods – steam, grilling and convection – can be used separately in Smeg’s Combi Steam oven – or simultaneously!

In a case of the best of both worlds, users can steam a piece of chicken or fish and simultaneously brown it.  Frozen food can be cooked without having to be thawed first.  Breads and pizza dough can be proved in the warm oven and then baked to perfection – soft inside with a crunchy glossy crust – using a combination of fan-forced heat and 25 per cent steam.

Meats and fish also benefit from a combination of fan-forced heat and steam – they retain their succulence and there is no shrinkage.

The Smeg Classic combi steam oven works efficiently and very hygienically.  A water tank is located outside of the cooking compartment in order to maximise the capacity of the oven (41 litres nett) and leave the interior clean and clutter free.  The innovative Fill and Hide system fills and drains water through a flexibile telescopic tube which disappears into a recess when not in use.  And unlike other steam ovens, the Smeg model generates steam straight away – there is no need to wait while the oven reaches full temperature.

The Smeg Classic combi steam oven (SFA4395VCX) has 11 cooking modes in all and 50 SmartSense Plus auto menus.  The oven interior, featuring EverClean enamel (a superior enamel that makes cleaning even easier), is easily cleaned using the Vapour Clean cleaning cycle.

Cooking with steam in the Combi Steam oven can be done with temperatures ranging from 30˚C to 100˚C – which ensures all nutrients, usually damaged by higher temperature cooking methods, are preserved.

Smeg is dedicated to the art of technology with style – the Combi Steam oven is available in three distinct designs – Classic all stainless steel, designed by Guido Canali; the sleek, highly contemporary Linear in a choice of white, black and stainless steel; and the retro design Victoria in black, white and panna.

SFA4395VCX Classic, black eclipse glass: $4090

SFA4920VC Victoria, 20 SmartSense menus: $4490

SFA4130VC Linear TFT interface, soft close door: $4390

SFA4140VC Linear Colour Touch TFT interface: $4490

Smeg Combi Steam Ovens are available nationally from appliance specialists and electrical retailers.  Visit for more details.