KBDi’s accredited designers enjoyed a great big dose of design inspiration with the opening speaker of this year’s Certified Designers Forum, proudly sponsored by Blum Australia.

As designer and director of the multi-disciplined Adelaide design firm, Enoki, Susanna Bilardo has a well-rounded perspective about design. With the firm successfully blurring the boundaries between graphic design and interior architecture on a daily basis, Susanna had much to share about the value of collaboration in design.

From a very young age Susanna had a great eye for detail; throughout her family’s travels, she was always drawn to beautiful architecture and building elements, and was stirred by great design. Her passion never waned, and she went on to study with some of Italy’s finest designers, and draw inspiration from the greats like Massimo Vignelli. Vignelli was an Italian designer who, like Susanna, worked across a wide range of design disciplines, from package design to houseware design, furniture design to public signage and showroom design. He believed that ‘if you can design one thing, you can design everything’, and his multi-disciplinary approach reflected this perfectly.

This ethos is well entrenched in the Enoki team, where graphic designers can be found working on internal space planning, and interior architects hone their skills on graphic elements. This collaboration of skills is key to the firm’s great success, with Enoki encouraging a team effort on all projects.

Collaboration is an important part of our process, where one discipline informs the other creating seamless, coherent and considered design solutions.

Susanna Bilardo

Susanna’s presentation sparked great discussions amongst Forum participants, and the theme of ‘collaboration’ rang strong throughout the next two days. As your industry organisation, we like to think of KBDi as a key facilitator of collaboration amongst our members, and are excited about the potential for members to build supportive and collaborative networks with fellow designers, affiliates, suppliers and sponsors.

One very simple way to kick-start some collaboration would be to join us at our next round of events. We’ll be getting together across most states during the month of October, and invite you to join us at your local chapter event for some design inspiration and networking. Find out more here.