There is no doubt that apps like Pinterest and Instagram are a non-stop source of inspiration for designers.

With stunning images of interiors always available at our fingertips, finding inspiration is easy. Interpreting that inspiration in a way that is unique is more of a challenge.

Likewise, coming up with a concept that is in itself difficult to imitate can take a little ‘out of the box’ thinking.

One way of ensuring your design is not a carbon copy of another, and a little more difficult for the next designer to replicate, is to procure the work of individual artisans and artists.

KBDi Affiliate Member, Sharron Tancred (of Tailored Artworks in Brisbane), is one such artist keen to help you make your interiors inimitable with a range of built-in art assets, from customised ‘real art splashbacks’ to handpainted murals and ‘art to mosaic’ bathroom solutions.

Sharron will be sharing her top tips for delivering truly unique and value-adding solutions to your Client’s homes at our upcoming Chapter Event in Brisbane (if you haven’t already done so, RSVP here).

We’d love to know if you’ve been working with artists or artisans in your design work…  If you have some good news stories about past or current collaborations, or other ways in which you’ve made your designs ‘one of a kind’, please email Selina at today.