Curved cabinetry and detailing can certainly present construction challenges, but the extra care and calculations are always well rewarded. We loved the curvaceous creations in this year’s KBDi Designer Awards program, and are sharing five of our favourite curvy kitchens here.

This 50s vintage-styled kitchen is full of fabulous curves. Adelaide designer, Nathan Wundersitz CKD Au (Space Craft Joinery) softened the edges of the rangehood shroud and cabinetry with curves well reminiscent of the era.

There’s so much to love about this teal delight designed by Sydney’s Cate Liedtke (Catherine de Meur Interiors). From the gorgeous colour palette to the brushed gold details and the carefully layered textures, the kitchen oozes glitz and glamour. The curved detailing is the finishing touch in this all-class space.

Queensland’s Ashley Maddison (AM Interior Studio) went to town with this inner-city kitchen creation. The designer made the most of the curving capabilities of her selected materials: trowel-finished concrete and Staron Solid Surface combine seamlessly in this structural masterpiece.

Victoria’s Noni Edmunds highlighted the curved corner window in this lovely family home with a gently flowing open shelving unit. The detailing softens the otherwise hard-angled space and makes for a beautifully balanced kitchen.

The rounded profile of this peninsular bench is practical and pretty (and pug-friendly). We love the way Melbourne’s Kia Howat (GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens) detailed this curved corner with grooved panelling.

Have a favourite out of the five fabulous kitchens above? Share your comments below.