Last year we gave you five good reasons to present a written contract to your clients. From setting out the scope to detailing the deposit, pacing out the process of your project and clearly noting additions and omissions, a comprehensive contract will make sure you and your client are on the same page from beginning to end.

A number of Members are taking advantage of their no-cost access to our tailor-made KBDi Design Consultancy Agreement (ask for your copy here). Some Members were asking for minor tweaks to accommodate their unique delivery, and we’re really pleased to have found a solution. If you’re having trouble making our contract work for you, we have a new member benefit in place that may help.

Customise your Contract

KBDi’s legal partner, Sprintlaw, have come to the party with a new ‘customise your contract’ facility. With an exclusive booking link (available from the office – contact us today), you can tee up a time to discuss your proposed amendments to our Member-only contract in a free 15 minute consultation. Sprintlaw will then provide you with a quote for changes (with a 10% discount exclusive for KBDi Members), and you’ll be on your way.

Keen to learn more? Contact our office today and we’ll step you through the process.