A message from our Corporate Partner, Häfele

You do not seek inspiration – you open the door to it.

Your project deserves the highest quality of hardware from hinge to handle. Hafele’s, newly released Darren Palmer Handle Selection range will support your work and help you to make your project stand out!

Handles are an important focal point of any project as they add a visual centre to any cabinet. Just think about the different styles of handles you would use for a farm-style kitchen versus an urban kitchen.

The Darren Palmer Selection covers a range of Hafele handles which can be complied into four different periods: Retro Glamour – H1925 & H1930, Simple Contemporary – H1950 & H1335, Edgy Modern – H1960, H1910 & H1935 and Farm style – H1715, H1565, H1530 & H1710.

What inspires you? Shapes and colours. Materials and finishes. Your favourite furniture. The entrance portals of old townhouses. Chopin’s Nocturne Es-Dur Opus 9 No.2 or the old punk record with beautiful scratches. We find contrasts especially inspiring. It is so rewarding when they suddenly meet.

Thick and thin, big and small. Black, white and colourful. Minimalisms and exuberant life. Sweet, sour, salty. Contrasts attract. In surfaces, haptics, transitions.

How do you deal with that? Hafele’s, Darren Palmer handle selection is the perfect launch pad to start that journey and find a handle that helps you to open the door to inspiration! Download the full catalogue of Darren Palmer handles here.