A message from our Silver Sponsor, Gunnersen

DesignerVeneer is a specially selected colour palette of thirteen veneers inspired by the Australian outback. Decorative veneer board uses timber in its most economical and environmentally sustainable form. Ideal for use as doors, partitions and other vertical surfaces, the DesignerVeneer range is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

The thirteen colours range from light blondes to the deepest browns, handpicked to evoke the natural colours and feel of Australia. Lemon Myrtle has consistently been our best-seller, whilst Silver Cassia has recently risen in popularity in industrial design applications for the consistency of grey with the warmth of timber.

Boards can be delivered both raw and prefinished. Prefinished boards are ready to be cut and installed immediately. DesignerVeneer also has matching edging available – natural for raw boards, and ABS edging for the prefinished. The ABS edging is available both as cross and long grain for realistic finishes.

In addition to being one of the most environmentally conscious options for using the full timber log, DesignerVeneer is reconstructed from a range of timber species responsibly sourced and FSC® certified. With an E0 MDF substrate, DesignerVeneer produces less than 0.5mg/L of formaldehyde emissions, which is lower than the current Australian standard LPM board. Additional substrates with varying sizes and thicknesses are available, though the 19mm thick stocked range was chosen for ease in joinery.

See the full range of DesignerVeneer colours and finishes here.

Samples are available both in loose leaf veneer and as full fabricated examples. Call your rep to see the DesignerVeneer samples in person and to learn more about our range of solutions.