A message from KBDi Corporate Plus Partner, Austaron Surfaces.


If your clients are dreaming about warmer weather, now’s a great time to start designing their new alfresco areas. And if an outdoor barbeque is on the wish list, you’ll definitely want to give Staron Solid Surfaces a closer look.

Staron Solid Surfaces are manufactured from a mineral and acrylic resin, and the high quality of these ingredients delivers a product that is both UV stable and non-porous. A large selection of the Staron colour range is suitable for exposed outdoor applications, and additional options are available for sun-protected zones.

With careful attention to detail – as set out below – you can be sure your specification will be a good fit for outdoor cooking and entertainment.


What to consider when specifying Staron Solid Surfaces

Expansion and contraction of products in outdoor environments are naturally more significant than a controlled indoor exposure. Accordingly, allowances for movement will need to be considered for both substrates and surfaces.

While Staron Solid Surfaces are well known for their high performance in benchtop applications, the easy-to-maintain product also offers an excellent surface solution for doors and drawers. When applying Starton Solid Surfaces to vertical applications in your designs, contact your representative for guidance.

Designing for BBQ applications

The Australian market is home to countless makes and models of barbeques, and the installation guidelines for each vary. Be sure to refer to the specific instructions for your client’s unit.

For Staron Solid Surface to be covered by the Austaron Surfaces warranty, note the following recommendations:

Specify Staron to the left and right of the BBQ benchtop. Do not wrap Staron Solid Surface seamlessly under or around the back of the BBQ. Note that an insulation jacket is required to deflect heat from any possibility of damaging the surface.

Substrates must be manufactured in exterior-grade products. Staron and aluminium channels are recommended options for the subframe.

Heat detector sensors must be applied under the benchtop as per standard Staron fabrication requirements around gas cooktops. Heat tapes should be applied where relevant.

Staron Solid Surface is excellent for outdoor applications when installed correctly.
There can be other ways to achieve successful design outcomes for outdoor kitchens, however, and variations to the above can be addressed. Contact Austaron to discuss your particular project in greater detail.

The following checklist can serve as a starting point for design and manufacturing considerations:

  • Cut-outs require a large coved internal corner to allow for expansion and contraction.
  • Coved internal benchtop corners offer the strongest joint for L & U shape design.
  • Allow for expansion and contraction for benchtop movement and substrate requirements.
  • Silicon joints should be considered for high movement areas.
  • Minimise unnecessary inconspicuous joints.
  • Staron at 12mm thick is perfect when working within sheet size.
  • Allow for ample venting within the joinery.
  • Venting is recommended behind a BBQ for cooking with closed hoods as heat pushes out from the back of the hood. Trapped heat at the back of the bench can generate more extreme expansion and contraction.
  • Use an insulation jacket or build an insulative surround. The National Construction Code (NCC) requires insulation jackets for barbeques installed into combustible enclosures. Some barbeque manufacturers will provide these; others will require a custom-made solution. Always refer to the installation instructions supplied with the selected unit.
  • Include insulation tape between the stainless-steel flashing and the Staron Solid Surface benchtop where necessary.
  • Consider adding a rangehood if there are minimal vented/open areas – refer to your local authority’s specific ventilation regulations.
  • Request off cuts of Staron; should damage ever occur, the surface is repairable.

Staron Solid Surfaces are Group 1 Fire rated to AS5637.1 (AUS) & Group 1S Fire rated to C/VM2 (NZ.) Staron is not a flammable product; however, if excessive heat from BBQs and other heating elements is not considered, damage may occur over time.