The Fineline Drawer Insert is a beautiful, well-finished and customisable product. These drawer inserts will add a touch of design detail and high-end functionality to your kitchen drawers.

When designing any object, whether it’s a product, room or home, it is how you blend functional requirements, aesthetic desires and the smaller details of finish that create a masterful result.

The Natural Oak or Black Ash inserts from the Fineline range do their job with effortless elegance. Separating every piece of cutlery and all of your cooking utensils is a purpose they over deliver on.

With flexible configurations and different sized  compartments the sorting options are endless. Your drawer internals are also transformed into something from a high-end show room with the contrast provided by the thin metal inserts.

Elevate the luxe level of your kitchen with the effortless elegance of Fineline Drawer inserts.

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