Guests at this year’s KBDi Design Symposium enjoyed a fantastic session on Digital Media with Queensland’s Elissa Greer (Darren James Interiors).

Elissa generously shared her top tips for a holistic digital media strategy, and certainly inspired Members in the audience to up their ante with a ‘modern marketing ecosystem’ (MME).

Members learned that an MME is a strategic approach to marketing, with one primary purpose: to drive your potential clients to your own business website. Whether through print and digital features, SEO, social media channels or paid advertising, Elissa explained that getting clients to your website is the first and most important step in crafting a genuine relationship. She went on to explain the key steps to starting a successful campaign, and we’re sharing three of these with you today.

Handcraft a dynamic website

Unlike social media, you’ll always own your website. It’s the central component of your MME, and it’s your portfolio, showroom, shopfront and office all rolled together in one neat package. The site should be professionally designed in a way that speaks to your audience and reflects your business values. We’re in a very visual industry – if your site doesn’t look sharp, it could reflect poorly on the way your potential clients see you. Engaging with visitors is the next step: by capturing the email address of visitors to your site (with simple pop-ups and automation), you’ll have a unique opportunity to engage directly with the people who’ve already shown interest in your service by visiting your site.

Create engaging content

Anything you post to your website or social channels is considered content. This includes blog articles, photos and videos, and it’s essential to consider every piece of content an opportunity. Aim to entertain and educate, and avoid blatant selling. Elissa provided some great examples of types and ratios of content, including problem-solving features (35%), before and afters, project products etc. (35%), trends, fun finds, product roundups (20%) and company updates and personal stories (10%).

Build connections

Aim to create and build your tribe with social media and email marketing. Building relationships in any forum takes two, and it takes time. Elissa shared her strategies for making time to engage with followers and those that you follow. She reminded delegates that ‘it’s social media – not selling media’, and encouraged Members to be genuine and friendly in their engagement with potential clients, peers and suppliers.

The burning question from most attendees was ‘how long does all this take?’. Depending on the number of channels you’re using, Elissa explained how just ten minutes a day could be all you need to get serious about finding and growing your own tribe.

We’d love to hear how Members who attended this session have implemented something they learnt into their own MME. Share your feedback below, and we’ll make sure Elissa sees it.

Huge thanks to Laminex Australia for their sponsorship of this session – much appreciated!