A perfect kitchen starts with careful planning. Blum can help with proven knowledge and experience that is trusted worldwide. Buying a new kitchen is a big investment, enough storage space is an important detail that must be considered to ensure the users are getting the kitchen they desire. Blum’s zone planner helps identify the individual storage space requirements early in the planning phase, helping to ensure that the perfect kitchen can be realised. 

Blum’s Zone Planner assists effective kitchen planning by knowing how much storage space is required based on the individual kitchen users cooking and shopping habits, size of family and lifestyle. It helps a consumer to be able to provide a clear brief of how they want to use their kitchen. 

The smart online tool provides a list of popular stored items for each of the 5 kitchen zones; items can be selected and qualities for each item can be specified to generate a complete list of storage items for the kitchen. Recommendations are also provided for storing these items with practical cabinet solutions such as the SPACE TOWER pantry solution and organisation of drawer and pull-outs interiors with inner dividing systems. 

The Zone Planner is best used at the beginning of kitchen planning to know in advance what storage requirements and solutions are needed. These can then be discussed between the kitchen user and kitchen designer to ensure the perfect kitchen is realised. 

The Zone Planner is available through Blum website and is designed to work on PC’s, tablets and mobile devices. 

To find out how the Blum Zone Planner can assist you and your customer with storage planning please contact your local Blum representative or visit https://www.blum.com/au/en/03/90/