With the tiny home movement slowly growing in Australia, designers are being challenged to make the most of small spaces. An obvious place to start is with the functionality of the kitchen, and the potential for this home hub to be much more than the ‘cooking quarters’.

Our European cousins have been combining their kitchen and laundry spaces for decades, and the concept of a ‘Euro laundry’ is growing in popularity in the USA, too. In Australia, however, installing a washing machine in a new kitchen renovation can prove a little more complicated.

To meet the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC), you’ll need to consider a number of items before suggesting this option to your space-saving clients. You’ll need to consider where you’ll allocate a stand-alone washtub in your combined-kitchen space, and how you’ll handle water-proofing in this classified ‘wet area’.

KBDi’s Education Partner, Designer Training Australia, has condensed these requirements into a two-page technical bulletin. This is an excellent resource available exclusively for KBDi Members. If you haven’t accessed your copy yet, email us today and we’ll shoot it through.