A message from our Supplier Partner, CAD International

Choosing design software for your kitchen and bathroom or interior design business has not been an easy task – until now. There’s a vast range of software on the market and making a decision can get very confusing, very fast. Many products are expensive, difficult to master, limited in potential or just too ‘Americanised’. And some products are all of the above. A range of software products can be purchased outright, while others are offered on a subscription basis – and one model may suit you better than the other.

In Europe, one affordable and easy-to-use product has risen to the top by placing its focus on meeting the needs of a specific target market – interior designers.

ARCHLine.XP was initially designed for architects, but when architecture almost dried up following the 2008 GFC, the developers cast their attention to interior design, renovation and fitouts. They focussed on delivering a suite of specialised tools for kitchen, bathroom and cabinetmakers that would stand them apart from their competitors. Knowing productivity would be a key advantage for this market, they combined rapid design creation and editing tools with presentation assets, the ability to prepare bills of materials and 2D documentation.  

In this feature, we’re stepping through the features most loved by Europe’s interior designers, and now available in Australia through KBDi Supplier Partner, CAD International.

A Simple Interface with Smart Tools

Interior designers can benefit from a full set of 3D tools for kitchen fit outs, bathroom fit outs, skirtings and cornices, lighting, furniture, cabinets, tiling, stairs, materials and more. Working in 2D and 3D at once allows great design freedom and ‘out of the box’ creativity.

Room Maker

Now interior designers can explore the full extent of room design using real walls, ceilings, windows, finishes and fixtures to help maintain more coherence in the design. From a ‘real-person’ perspective you can edit furniture and objects, and automatically create interior elevations and plans.

Real-life fixtures and BIM objects

With a direct link to online 3D Libraries such as 3D Warehouse®, and BIM libraries like BIMObject®, Cadenas®, Synchronia® and Showroom®, testing out new taps, sinks, shower heads, cabinet handles, door handles and shower doors becomes a simple drag and drop exercise.

Cycle Between Products and Test Design Options 

Test different design options at will.

3D Warehouse Link

Access thousands of different furniture and 3D models that you can drag and drop straight into your models to test different layouts.

FF&E Reports

ARCHLine.XP supports a full Open-BIM interface, allowing you to instantly extract quantities, costs and information about your models to create FF&E reports in Excel.

Kitchen Design

Start with a rough footprint of your kitchen layout.

Create your base cabinets in seconds.

Add a sleek modern benchtop with your favourite sinks and taps.

Add your desired tiling patterns to the splashback and define your work area.

Finally, document your designs for construction. ARCHLine.XP contains a full 2D drafting toolset for you to create detailed documentation.

Bathroom Design

Using the same tools, you can easily create jaw-dropping bathroom fit outs.

3D Visualisation

ARCHLine.XP also comes with a high-end render engine. Help your clients understand the atmosphere and aesthetics of your designs with beautiful (and easy-to-generate) high-end visuals.

Keen to learn more? Visit CAD International today, and be sure to mention your KBDi connection.