KBDi and Denfair Design Challenge

KBDi is very excited to be collaborating with Interiors Australia and Denfair in an all-new activation zone at the upcoming Melbourne exhibition.

Members will be encouraged to prepare a concept design showcasing both the skills of a design professional and the products and materials of key partners.

You’ll be designing the kitchen space to feature selected products from Austaron, Forest One, Blum, Bosch and Greens Tapware. A six-metre by six-metre square will serve as your footprint, and an 18-metre ceiling height (11.5-metre hanging height) will add volume to the space. Fair organisers, National Media, will cover the costs of the build, but you’ll need to consider construction methods – a two-day install (bump in) and efficient exit will have to be accommodated. Most importantly, your brief will emphasise the need for an inviting and engaging space.

You may work in teams (how about mentoring a new or potential new staff member?) or on your lonesome, and we’ll be with you all the way. Whether you’re a seasoned design professional or fresh onto the kitchen design scene, we encourage you to participate in this design challenge and look forward to seeing your creative concepts.

A select panel will choose their favourite design, and the chosen designer will receive plenty of promotional opportunities and hoo-ha and a KBDi trophy.

KBDi Members can access the project design brief in the Members Portal. Alternatively, complete the form below and we’ll send you more details.

Interiors Australia Design Challenge

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