A message from our Corporate Partner, Häfele

Häfele has released an exciting new collection of handles and they are truly inspiring.

These handles offer you an expansive choice, coming in a range of shapes, colours, materials and finishes that enable you to match them effortlessly with any project.

These new handles showcase a range of ideas that are inspired by different worlds of living and style-defining eras.

The Textile handle is exceptional and by far the most creative in the range, featuring a superb cotton thread-like effect which gives off a warm radiance with the remarkable feel. These handles are a perfect addition to cupboards in luxurious bathrooms and stand out features in comfortable-plush apartments.

The Nouveau Art Deco I handle in the range is at first a bold eye-catcher that delivers a wonderful haptic experience along with a hint of modern flair.  Colours are fittingly available in gold, matt black and antique brass. The second style handle in this range is the Nouveau Art Deco II, which is also stylish and reminiscence of a grandiose era but brings the pompous side of the 20’s to life. Its pizzazz reinterprets the wonderful modern era of Art Deco with its subtle curves and nestles pleasingly on furniture pieces.

If you are searching for a more modern handle then the Bent handle tells a story of true modern craftsmanship. It plays elegantly with shadow and light on its outer contour focusing on high quality in every detail.

Similarly, the Slim handle range offers a delicate appearance but demands attention featuring slim lines. Both handles suit modern furniture and high-class designer kitchens.

Furthermore, the futuristic Cube range fits into current trends on the focus of clear function. Pure and simple, and in the best sense of the word, the cube knobs playfully interpret the cube which are great to use on playful furniture and throughout family areas. The Cube handle is made precisely for purpose with its pure and architectural appearance.

Without a doubt, the design possibilities are endless with Häfele’s new range.

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