There are numerous reasons DesignerPly is a premier choice in decorative applications throughout Australia. DesignerPly is durable and strong, its unique cross-layered structure making it kilo for kilo stronger than steel. Renewable and responsibly sourced, DesignerPly can come chain of custody certified and is environmentally friendly. And, of course, DesignerPly is naturally beautiful, preferred because of its warmth and natural markings.

While those are all valid reasons and have indeed been why DesignerPly has captured the nation, the more discerning eyes prefer the natural product for a truly unique aspect – the raw edge profile.

The raw edge of DesignerPly is layered, an attribute distinctive to plywood panels. The thicknesses of each layer depends on the species of ply, and the thickness of panel chosen. Without compromising on the integrity of the product, the edges can be left exposed as a design element that elevates projects to a new level.

Architects and designers alike have begun incorporating the exposed edges into various designs, with the favourite application emerging as cabinetry. The raw edge profile both enhances the natural beauty of the product and adds a luxurious feel to the room.

You can mimic plywood, or you can choose DesignerPly, the most comprehensive range of responsibly sourced plywood panels to create a truly unique environment.

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